Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hip-Hop Album Sales in '06

If you're not a daily Coolfer reader, now is the time to start. Consistently great stuff on the music industry, including this post about the lack of successful hip-hop albums this year.

Hip Hop's Transformation Into A Singles and Ringtone Business

In related "It's Funny When It Happens To Them" news, Ron Artest sold a whopping, wait for it, 343 copies of his new album the first week. Way to go, Ron. With those numbers, you'll be booked for the County Fair in no time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, I see no problem with album sales. Kevin Federline did 6,485 in his first week, then 1209 in the 2nd, and 760 in the third. Ron Artest did 91/252/114 in his first three weeks. If these guys can sell this many albums then I see no problem with the sales. The fact that they sold almost 9,000 albums combined in the real problem with rap...

1:28 PM  
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