Wednesday, June 13, 2007

first of all...

really looking forward to seeing some of you tonight at Angels & Kings for the first ever Wex Wednesdays hip hop extravaganza. we'll start at 9:30pm and keep the good hip hop flowin until everyone is tired...

with that said, and since tonight will be yet another night of me and diggedy being in the same room together while rap music dominates... i'm going to talk about just a few of the best shows that digs and i have gone to together. and hopefully, ya'll will chime in with your best concert experience...

1) Dave Chappelle's Block Party. the mother of all shows. hopefully you've seen the dvd. you can see me and digs on it. kanye, dead prez, the roots, mos, kweli, kane, kool g rap... THE FUGEES. bonkers. little known fact, newmie was actually at this show too... but disappeared about 10 minutes into it. go figure. here's a picture from that day, see if you can spot us... i look like an old lady, due to a poorly positioned rain poncho.
2) (the reunion of) Pete Rock & CL Smooth. i have a terrible memory. and i'm really really bad with remembering dates (shout out to remembering fathers day this year!). so i wont be able to tell you when this happened. but it was at SOB's, i know that. what i remember most about the moment was how dope the crowd was. it was such a good, fun, positive vibe in the room... and i think Pete & CL felt it... and really delivered a great show with smiles on their faces. that's right, smiling and hip hop.... together.
3) (the reunion of) EPMD. ok, so i'm a sucker for reunions. so what. this one happened just last year at BB Kings. man, diggedy will remember better than i, but EVERYONE was in the house that night. we got to see redman, das, lordz, etc. again, just a really good vibe in the room, and you could tell Erick and Parrish were just having fun kickin the classics.
4) Jay-Z's "Fade to Black" retirement show at the Garden. oh wait, diggedy wasn't there... and he still hates me because i went with a girl instead of him. i hear that. my bust.
4.5) Kanye West at the Paramount Theatre/Kanye West at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. two totally different Kayne show experiences. toad's place is a 750 person capacity dump. the paramount is a 5,000 person capacity beautiful theatre at madison square garden. i liked the toad's show cuz we can say we saw Kanye before he really hit big and also because we went really last minute style on the metro north and stayed in a shithole hotel. fun fun.
Ghostface at BB Kings in 2005. Ghost is pretty good live... but the real moment that made this show last was the performance of 4th Chamber by Ghost, GZA, & Killah Priest. the only member that didn't pop out the backstage was RZA... and as diggedy said, if that would have happened "people would be hangin from the rafters". truth.

*Honorable mention goes to seeing Chris Rock at the paramount theatre. the evening's highlight was seeing Chris diss Will Smith in a joke - only to have the man himself stand up in the crowd with his arms outstretched as to say "what the fuck chris?!". amazing.


dj wex.


Blogger Russ the Bus said...

George Clinton and the P-Funk allstars were always slammin (although i saw then at bb kings recently and they brought out the b-team, with a paltry 15-20 people on stage it ws pretty weak). the best was at the hard rock in orlando new years eve 2003. they waited until midnight to come out and opened covering lil jon's "get low." i flipped out dancin and threw 7&7 all over the crowd around me. later when george was tryin to get the crowd involved he says "yall gotta get crazy in here! like that guy!" and points at me. it was an honor

on the hiphop side, every KRS show i've ever been to has been the best show i've ever seen. after the passing of JB, he's the best entertainer alive. period. my favorite was a free show he put on at USF (2002 i think). when he asked the crowd "how [we] do in tampa?" the guy behind me yells "the pussy is freeeee because the crack costs moneeey! oh yeeah!" funny cause its true.

honorable mention to the Roots and medesky martin and wood at the jersey shore (summer 2001 i think). it rained all day (no ponchos)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah mon..

i got dissed on jay's show for a chick-a-dee..

it all evened out though.

i went to jay's reasonable doubt show at radio city.

; )

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