Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 19


Just kidding.

Enough about it.

It's EVERY Wednesday now. You know about it. We know about it. HIP HOP LIKE IT USED TO BE. HIP HOP LIKE IT OUGHTA BE.

Speaking of which.

How about some choice cuts on this very special Friday, June 15th (the day before Ma Diggedy knew what was about to hit her many moons ago) ...

Lord Finesse - "Shorties Kaught In The System"

Love me some Lord Finesse.. This is a dope track off a compilation CD from the '90's.. While I didn't dislike Finesse during the later years, I was more a fan of his earlier work.. He was always more punchline than complex, but he used to tell some great tales and paint pictures (much like the above song, "S.K.I.T.S."). Hey, like the man says, if you ain't catch on by now, I ain't even trying to say no more.. DOWNLOAD IT!

J Live - "31st of February"

I always try to give you some background into me when I'm posting tracks. In the late 90's, J Live was IT to me. The future. The man could do no wrong. The beats were always crazy, the rewind button was always being pressed. I still remember like it was yesterday, going down from Binghamton my freshman year to SUNY Albany to see Krs 1, Redman, and the Lost Boys perform. We get there, and the opening act is a SUNY Albany student. He takes the stage, and it's J Live. You have to picture this. About 3,000 people sitting there watching an "opening act", and I'm "that guy" in the middle of the crowd singing along to every single word. SUNY Albany wasn't exactly packed with kids listening to 89tech9 back then. When I'm back on my home computer one day, I HAVE to post "Hush The Crowd." One of my favorite songs ever, in any genre. Most of you know the J Live story, but if you don't, his debut album got shelved (and later released). However, the original form of it made it's way online in I believe 1999. It's very rare that an album lives up to the hype (that people put on it, and more importantly, that I myself put on it). This is one of the RARE times where it delivered. Since that album, J's still been putting out dope music, but it hasn't quite grabbed me the way that debut (and everything prior to the debut) did. This track I posted (that he did with The Nextmen) is a few years old, but dope dope dope. DOWNLOAD IT!

Ill Al Skratch - "Chill With That" (Easy Moe Bee remix)

I had this song on cassette. It was the most annoying 4 minutes I've ever had on a Maxwell. Not the actual song. I loved the song. But the only time I dubbed it, the DJ f*cking cut up the entire thing. They must have said "Ring around the rosey" at least 12 times. I'm not anti-scratching. I just always wished I had a version without it. So I go to the store, cop the album, get home, only to find out the version I loved wasn't on it. Finally, many years later, I was able to track down the proper version, the Easy Moe Bee remix. And now you, and your family, can download and enjoy it in the comfort of your own homes.

That's it people.

Happy Father's Day to Poppa Diggedy!

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in a fair and just world, j-live would be on equal ground today as mos, kweli, common, etc.

"all of the above" is a pretty dope album to. it's no "best part" but it's pretty good. check out the track "satisfied". that is, unless you're like diggedy and you're the only person on the planet that hates reggae.


1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

other than those first couple of rawshack 12s - and a few random album tracks (like 'satisfied') - j-live has been garbage. big case of talent not fulfilled.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and where's joc max?!

3:15 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

happee burfday. i like drinking beer outside.

12:21 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

sausage tastes better in a bun.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

old you how are said yoda

12:23 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

buy low sell high

12:24 AM  

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