Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 37

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood afternoon everybody.

Wow, I've been listening to too much Mike & The Mad Dog. For those that have no idea what I am talking about - like Jay and Wex - pay it no mind. I'm just a sports freak.

Hope all is well. Stay tuned to the blog on Monday for our January announcement.

I don't know why, but today, I'm feeling in a "wedding" mood. Somewhere, the girly is reading this and getting excited. Sorry boo. What I mean is, of the three tracks I post, it will be something new, something old, and something borrowed.

The new....

Wu Tang Clan - "Take It Back"

I posted this because I know we have a lot of Wu-heads.. But I'll be honest.. Again.. It's not killing me.. Everyone is amped on the Wu "comeback" album, but here's the thing : They were amped on the last two comeback albums. And both of those came and went. They had flashes, but nothing that's really been dope as hell. I'm not expecting another 36 Chambers. I just hoped that they were going to really go all out on this one, kind of like Jay on The Blueprint. I've only heard the two tracks. I'll hold out hope that either these songs will grow on me, or that the best is yet to come. For now, not blown away.

The old...

Artifacts featuring Brand Nubian - "Check The Fine Print"

This song won the award for shittiest quality mp3 at the 2004 "MP3 Gala" in San Bernadino. I had this on cassette, and when I found it on mp3, it was a glorious day. Until I played it and it was just as shitty quality as my cassette version. Any way you slice it. It's a dope track. And the low fi quality has actually grown on me over the years. It's like an Eddie Wilson / Bo Diddley unreleased track that the labels haven't gotten a hold of (if you have any idea what that reference is, we're friends for life). Anyway, you know the deal. DOWNLOAD IT!

The borrowed...

The Clipse feat Ab Liva, Pharrel, and Rosco P Coldchain - "Hot Damn"

Why is this borrowed? Well, because many years ago Wex sent me an mp3 folder entitled "16 Hour Playlist". He was very proud of this folder. It has what you think it has : 16 hours of his favorites. This song is among them. We went on a "Hot Damn" kick for a good 18 months. That's why it's on the HHK list, even though it's never been done.

And that's where it will stay.


Stay tuned for Monday.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this Wu track a lot. It's uptempo (for a Wu track -- 99 bpm), it's collaborative (fun Method/Golden Arms back-n-forth on the chorus, which is one of my favorite Wu duos), and each of the verses (except maybe Rae's) is really really high-energy, playing to the strengths of the MCs. Inspectah Deck hasn't sounded this good since before his first solo joint. The beat is like "Daytona 500"s older cousin.

Check out the track "Watch Your Mouth", the third leaked 8 Diagrams track. It's good, and all 8 of them rhyme on it.

For me, "The W" was a brilliant comeback album. "Iron Flag" not so much. I'd much rather sit through an entire listening of "The W" than of "Wu-Tang Forever", which has so much extra junk on it. "The W" has some of RZA's most amazing production, and is positively littered with great Wu moments.

They're approaching middle age. I'm not expecting another "Blueprint" -- maybe another "Grind Date". Redefining hungry for a bunch of men in their late 30s.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey y'all -- most of you will get an e-mail to this effect, but here's the first word:

I'm spinning at Moe's in Fort Greene (corner of S. Portland & Lafayette) this MONDAY from 10 pm to 1 am. Come through if you can, I'd love some support. It's my first actual bar gig, and it's kind of an audition.

G to Fulton, or A/C to Lafayette (C only before 11 pm or so.)

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So a few years ago, I see the video for this "Hot Damn" song and thought "Man, that's the hotness." But not having any downloading capabilities or interest in tracking down the single, much less buying that Star Tracks album, I just let it go by the wayside.

Now, thanks to "Weekend at Diggedy's" I can finally say I'm the proud owner of said track. And best of all, it was free!

(How's that for a promo, Josh, if you ever want to take WAD to even more of the masses?)

Thanks, dude.

1:34 PM  

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