Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Off The Books!

In honor of THIS FRIDAY'S festivities... and the name that we've chosen to give it...

wex wednesdays is going to shout out my favorite Beatnuts songs (even though they're from Queens and our event is in Brooklyn, so what!)

1. OFF THE BOOKS (duh)
2. Do You Believe?
3. Props Over Here
4. Watch Out Now
5. Se Acabo Remix feat. Mr Meth

Props over here definitely to les & juju...

see ya'll friday at southpaw... get there early!



Blogger Charlie said...

i like watch out now. it's a tight lil jam. i'm getting bent on friday. remember where you heard it. go mets.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Beatnuts top 5

1.Reign of the tec
2.Gimme the ass
3.Se Acobo original)- Sophomore year I am singing the first two lines in spanish to this spanish chick. She looks at me with this horrid look. I tell my dominican roommate and he laughs. He goes u sang to her something to the nature of "don't talk just pull down your panties" I smiled and said damn, she wasn't down I guess. I didn't know what it meant I just like Magic Juans flow
4.Yo Yo Yo feat Greg Nice
5.Damn I forgot the track but it's off the first full length (Dude is like yo TNT rolled up, and yo ahhh. I think they shot him or hit him with what sounds like a thick piece off wood (pause)

Consideration: goes out to the joint buying out the bar of the originators album. That's my joint with the accordian

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think my favorite Beatnuts track might be "Superbad".

Holy shit, this track got the house jam packed world famous Beatnuts making moves that you lack

1:43 AM  
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