Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 33

Brooklyn! Brooklyn!


South Paw!

We're back with Rare Form for a night of Hip Hop like it used to be, and Hip Hop like it oughta be.

2 hours of Hip Hop Karaoke. Evil Dee on the wheels of steel. Go home from work. Have a steak and cheese Hot Pocket. Catch an episode of The Wonder Years that you DVR'd. Take a shower. Put on your Friday best. Jeans? Slacks? T-shirt? Nothing too dressy I hope. Hop on the iron horse and come through. Have an alcoholic beverage. Have several! Last time, at 3am, while DJ Spinna was spinning, a Doni D, Shawn J, Chef lip synch concert broke out on stage. And it went down as the top 3 shows I've seen this year. I was in the front row like Pete & CL reunited. Speaking of...


To our fans, yes, I have gotten ALL of your letters. I DESPERATELY tried to have your favorite group (and mine), 48 HOURS reunite this evening for a performance. However, due to reasons outside of my control, that will not happen. I really can't get into it, but I can say that I hope Eddeephunk Murphy gets the care he needs. Wish him the best when you see him everyone.

On that note, on to the choice cuts for this Friday, September 28th.

Division feat LA The Darkman - "Brooklyn, Brooklyn"

What better song to start this edition off? This track is bananas, and is produced by Rza. It's certainly not the greatest line ever uttered, but for the past few months I find myself saying EVERYwhere I go "On the table I lay teks, like rubber gloves". The beat is bananas. Not much more to say about this one. Just DOWNLOAD IT!

Missin' Linx - "MIA"

Before there was "Next Episode", there was "MIA". I'm not gonna lie. "MIA" was always my favorite of the two. I actually bought the 12" to this, and only have like 9 pieces of vinyl bought in my 29 years and 3 months of living. Not because I'm anti-vinyl. I just never bought a turntable as a kid. My mom had one in the living room. It was a pain in the ass to come downstairs, and sit in the living room while my mom was in the kitchen reading, and play Missin' Linx. Why can't you understand that?? Why must I lose Hip Hop cred? She is a LOVELY woman. She couldn't concentrate! Can you read a book while Problemz is saying "Prepare your eardrums for one of the ruggedest raw / Emcees to ever bless the mic device rhymes galore." Maybe you can. I don't know. But my mother couldn't. And I couldn't bring the turntable upstairs. Then she'd go to put on a Turtles record and say "WTF JOSH??? WHERE IS MY TURNTABLE??". So now you're saying, "Hey Josh, why not just BUY YOUR OWN TURNTABLE??" Do I look like I was made of money at the time? 5 years after discman's were on everyone's laps on the subway, I was still bumping a walkmen. You STILL might see me on the subway with a walkman now. While you were buying records, I was buying cassettes. Can't we just agree to disagree? F*ck man. JUST DOWNLOAD IT!!

Legion - "Legion Groove"

Has this been in a previous Weekend At Diggedy's? I can honestly tell you I have no idea. Do I want to go back and check? I can honestly tell you "no". Does it matter? Chances are there is someone reading this who has no idea who the Legion are. Chances are you didn't download it anyway, because you're content with your 1gb of mp3's and aren't looking to expand. Well you're wrong for doing that sir (or madame, although typing madame has completely ruined the steam the joke did or didn't have, and if you ask Jay or Wex they'll say it didn't since they hate hate hate), and I don't care for that type of attitude. Dres from Black Sheep co-signed the band. Does that help you? They had a modest NYC hit with "Jingle, Jangle". Ring a bell? Either way, the song is nitro fresh, click, it download it, MAKE IT YOURS!

Alright people.

See you tonight.

If you aren't coming, well, you hate rap.

And yourself.