Thursday, July 03, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 64

Party people in the place to be...

We're going to kick this one off a little early since I won't have access to a computer tomorrow.

Hopefully everyone is going to do some form of grilling... Catch some fireworks.. Fingers crossed that the Yanks take care of business against the Sox.

I shall be roaming around this weekend...No big plans.. Nothing to really report to the masses.

I was going to try and have an "American" theme to today's post, but I don't really have the time to think of 3 songs that will fit that topic.

But I do know of one off the top of my head! Your choice cuts for this Thursday, July 3rd...

2 Live Crew - "Banned In The U.S.A"

This was all I could think of, ok??? I always gave the Boss much respect for letting them sample this. You know you loved this when it came out. Download it!

Fat Joe - "Fat Joe's In Town"

This tape got SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much burn in my walkman when it came out. This song probably more so than any on the album (Jealous One's Envy). For a good month up at good ol' Suny Binghamton, my roomate (big ups to Drew Boogie) and I revised the chorus and left something like this as our answering machine message: "Microphone check one two, one two, shouts to the Dickenson and CIW, whatever you do, leave a message for Drew and the Jew, that's all I ask of you..." And we wondered why people didn't talk to us. Good lord we were corny. Anyway, on the album, the clip of Cyrus speaking to all of the gangs in The Warriors intro's this track, and sets the tone for just pure Boogie down fire. Download it!!!

2Pac - "Old School"

Never was the biggest of Pac fans, but this song went completely unnoticed by me until DJ Wex put me on to it. Really dope. Play it during your bbq. People will love you for it.

Have a great weekend people.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just like that Pac joint cause he says "Diggy"

7:37 PM  
Blogger rdj. also known as daniel. said...

This entire Pac album (Me Against The World) is so beautiful.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

makes me real happy that you posted that one...

I remember Mr. Magic, FLASH, Grandmaster Caz/LL raisin hell but, that didn't last/Eric B. & Rakim was, the shit to me/I flip to see a Doug E. Fresh show, with Ricky D/and Red Alert was puttin in work, with Chuck Chill/Had my homies on the hill gettin ill, when shit was real/Went out to steal, remember Raw, with Daddy Kane/when De La Soul was puttin Potholes in the game

12:36 AM  
Blogger rdj. also known as daniel. said...

A good antipatriotic tune:

Nas: American Way (

4:01 PM  

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