Thursday, September 01, 2005

Music You Will Like, Vol. 2

So I may be biased but I gotta say that this month's new tracks are the best additions we've done since we started. Daytona 500, 10 Crack Commandments, Bring the Pain! Classics, people. Classics.

So three more songs you will like. I'll stick with the 2 non-hip hop/1 hip-hop pattern.

Japan - Visions of China (1981)

Japan were a British new wave band in the late 70s/early 80s and before you skip ahead and think I'm on some Flock of Seagulls tip, all I ask is that you check out the first 10 seconds of this track for one of the thickest funk basslines laid down. (Producers: To my knowledge, this hasn't been sampled are you waiting for??) None of the members were Asian but the influence on this one is pretty obvious. But it's the bassline that makes me go back to this shit constantly. Oh, and Radiohead loves these guys and you like Radiohead (I hope.)

Tim Maia - No Caminho Do Bem

I admittedly don't know much about this cat other than the fact that:

- He was a big Brazilian funk/r&b singer/producer who Brazilians sweat to this day
- He was a major influence on Chief Xcel for the new Blackalicious album (gotta bring it back to hip-hop)
- This was on the City of God soundtrack

This'll continue tonight's theme of "Unlikely Sick Funk Songs That Would Make Hot Samples." Over Fender Rhodes (I think) , a "Superstition"-like bassline, and funky breaks (before they were called breaks), throw this shit on and watch heads slowly start nodding and asking you who this is.

Diverse - 747 (Flyin) (2003)

So Diverse is this Chicago emcee who was good enough to get every loved-but-still-slightly-under-the-radar hip-hop producer to throw him a beat or two for his 2003 debut album (RJD2, Madlib, Prefuse 73 etc.) Fuck that. It's all about Overflo. I have no idea who this cat is other than the fact that he's from Chicago and founded a record label most people never heard of. But this beat -- with the thick funk bassline (again!), heavy drums and superhero horns -- is just retarded. It's only 2:32 but save 10 minutes for this one when you repeat it three times over.
If anyone knows anything else this cat's done, lemme know. I'm sure Wex has his whole discography on his work computer and just hasn't told me about it.

Until next time,

J. New


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