Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Dizzle.

Happy Labor Day folks.

Now, get on out there and barbeque something!

Speaking of, wouldn't it be dope if Central Park (and other NYC parks) put out some bbq grills during holidays for people to use? i mean, going to Sheep's Meadow is great and all... but wouldn't the experience be that much better if you had some burgers & dogs fresh of the grill?? listen, i know that would be a practical nightmare for the city and it wouldn't happen in 8 bizzillion years, but that doesn't mean a man can't dream.

The next installment of HHK is only 4 days away. Counting down. It feels like months have gone by since our last one. We're really amped to get back up there and get the party started...
shit, I'M really amped just to get up there and spin for a while.

Kanye West - Thank you for having the nuts to speak your mind.

In the spirit of continuing Jay's generous music suggestions... Click Here for a DOPE track, starring MF Doom & Moka Only. More soup ya'll.

Have a fucking nice day.



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