Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Blog Is Born.


Why are we doing this? That's easy. We're doing this so that you, the HHK Community, can stay up to date with the event, comment on it, and learn more about us (and vice versa). Also, we all are extremely opinionated. So there's that too. Who knows what Jay and J. Digs will do with their posts... but I'm thinking that you can expect favorite HHK moments, announcements on new songs, opinions on overrated new albums, Kanye West arguments, etc etc.

I'm also hoping that we'll each take the time to post some interesting items on our personal lives. What we're doing... what we're not doing... who we're... no... um... anyhow.

With that said. I'll be back.


Please use the comment feature - that's half the reason we're doing this.

yell at us.

or not.


your resident HHK button pusher,