Thursday, June 29, 2006


First and foremost, our next event will be the first (and maybe only) time we're going to be making somewhat of a competition out of HHK. That's right folks, on July 20th, 2006, aboard the Rocks Off Concert Cruise, the night's best HHK performances will be awarded the following:

$200 - First Place
$100 - Second Place
$50 - Third Place

So even if you win 3rd place, you're essentially getting a free ticket, plus a few drinks for you and your friends... not bad.

So get your tickets now... there's only going to be 200 tickets... and this show could definitely be sold out.

If you're a bit confused on the concept of the Rocks Off Concert Cruise, here's the jist:

For one special night only, the Hip Hop Karaoke founders & the Rocks Off Concert Cruise organizers have come together to form what could be the most memorable edition of HHK yet! It's Your Chance to Rhyme... while experiencing breath-taking views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and more.

The cruise leaves from the Skyport Marina at 23rd Street & FDR Drive (East Side). It heads south along the East River and passes underneath the 3 major bridges (Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn) then cruises through NY Harbor. After circling Ellis Island and giving breathtaking views of Miss Liberty, the boat continues it's trip through the harbor offering unparalleled views on the NYC Skyline during its 3-hour tour! The Half Moon is a 2-level boat, with a full bar and bathrooms on the lower level. The band plays on the upper level, which has a roof, but is open on the sides. There is also and open deck on the upper level where smoking is allowed.

This month's HHK promises to be a memorable experience for all of you that love rockin' our stage. We know that you're not used to paying a ticket price for HHK, but keep in mind, a Circle Line cruise around Manhattan costs $27.50, and needless to say that doesn't include any HHK. Most New Yorkers have actually never seen their city from the angles the cruise provides, and will love the chance to do so while also catching a nights worth of stellar HHK performances.

Plus you could win some money!!


more later.

dj wex.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


the photos from this past weekend's HHK at South Paw are now on the site!!
check 'em out!

Also, you'll notice the photos of our very special guest performers: Big Daddy Kane, Rhymefest, & the Procussions!

Big "thank you's" are in order for Alma, Wes, James, and everybody at Brooklyn Bodega, for putting on a great festival and for having us aboard to host the official after-party. We had a great time, thank you!

And speaking of being aboard, you can tell, HHK is really heating up for the summer... and is being topped off by our next event: The Rocks Off Concert Cruise! More on that later in the week...

dj wex.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

words cannot even begin...

you know, when i first wrote the blurb that appears on the front page of the HHK website ("...for the inner big daddy kane in all of us"), i had NO idea that it might have been more accurate for the line to say, "for BIG DADDY KANE himself." i'll shut up momentarily, so that you can watch THIS:

hot damn!!

yes, your eyes aren't foolin' you... what started out as a performance of "Warm It Up, Kane" by Digs... ended up as a complete surprise takeover by the man himself: Big Daddy Kane. And not only that, the incredible Scoob Lover hopped up there too to join Kane w/ some legendary dance moves...

If you missed this month's HHK at South Paw (also, was the Official After Party for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival), you not only missed that moment with Kane... you also missed a couple performances by Rhymefest (who did a sick "Just A Friend" & "Brooklyn Zoo") and the Procussions (who performed "Passin' Me By").

See, kids, that's why you don't miss a HHK event.
PERIOD, and I ain't buggin or delirious.

Also, we're going to have some ILL photos from this one... along with May's photos... coming really soon.

Digs will come on here soon to do the complete recap.

dj "holy shit that's Kane!!!" wex.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

double true.

Google maps really IS the best. it's double true.

the above is a map showing you the way from the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival to Southpaw, the home of the official after-party. remember, doors/sign-up starts @ 8pm, and we'll start rockin' around 9pm.

Here is a list of things you should know before attending the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

Once again, the festival includes performances by Big Daddy Kane, Lupe Fiasco, Rhymefest, The Procussions, and more. be there...

Keep an eye out for the HHK Staff too... we'll have a booth set-up with the song list, directions, etc... so stop by and say hello. Also also, Digs should be taking the stage a couple times to announce the after-party...

I think that's it... let us know if you have any questions...

dj wex.

Monday, June 19, 2006

on the stage again.


feels like eternity since we've held a HHK event...

but the wait is over.

when: THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 24. Doors/SIGNUP @ 8pm, kick off @ 9pm.
where: SOUTHPAW in Brooklyn.

remember, as always, sign-up is first come, first served. so get there early!

hit us up with any questions.

dj wex.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


What is a blog, if a Diggedy rarely uses it?

Much like Hot 97's old Battle Of The Beats, I'm going to begin a series where I post two songs that I love, and you let us know which you think is the superior track (and hopefully, why)...Or, if you think both suck, wax poetic on it...

The purpose? I just feel like some good old-fashioned hip hop convo..

Lootpack feat Rasco "Weededed (remix)"
I really dug Lootpack's first album, and thought this remix was a lot of fun...
download here

Hard 2 Obtain "Ism and Blues"
If you liked The Artifacts, chances are you liked this group... Good, wholesome hip-hop..This title track, was oddly enough, not on their album.
download here


Monday, June 05, 2006

busta pullin' out all the stops.

the report from this weekend's big Summer Jam Concert at Giant Stadium:

- Busta & Spiff come on-stage in full NY Giants uniforms – helmets, jerseys and shoulder pads.
- Comes to stage to the "Touch It" Remix with Rah Digga, Papoose, Missy Elliot and Kay Slay lending support.
- Next brings out The Wu Tang Clan, who tore it down with "Triumph"
- Rakim to the stage – more pandemonium!
- Then he brought out Slick Rick – mayhem! These two proceeded to put on loads of jewels and ice. Busta had on iced-out fruit, helmets, hats and dookie ropes.
- Big Daddy Kane was next! Kane did "Warm It Up Kane" and actually set it ablaze.
- Nex up, Q-Tip. "Scenario" was performed, minus the Leaders of the New School (which would have been BANANAS!!).
- He ended his set with "New York S**t," his anthem for the Rotten Apple.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Can Cee-Lo Do Any Wrong These Days?

Cee-lo and Jack Splash from Plantlife have teamed up as The Heart Attack. While Gnarls Barkley plan their second domination of the world with ""Smiley Faces," their follow-up to "Crazy," it's this isht below -- with its sunny 70s soul, horn blasts and soulful "Oooohhhhs" -- that's gonna be the song of the summer. Look for the album in late '06 and good luck not puttin this one on repeat.

The Heart Attack - "Right Now"