Friday, March 31, 2006

Godzilla vs. Busta

Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz is beyond played. This is the new isht. Don't front like you didn't laugh after watching this.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

HHK - 90 Second Promo Spot!

think of it as a trailer of sorts for this event of ours...

we spent a lot of time putting this together, so i hope you enjoy it. feel free to share it with your peoples... that's what it's for.

so you'll see guest appearances by dashaun... robert d junior... mc diggedy... dj wex's fingertips.... and more!




oh snap!

wex knows a good idea when he see's one:

nice work, yo!!

other HHK news for your stankin' asses...

- HHK is joining forces with Sirius Radio, yet again, on April 24th (8pm) for a very special 2 hour long, live radio special. More info to come soon... but we're working hard to make sure that this is the most entertaining 2 hours of radio you've heard in a hot minute.
-also, looks like HHK is going to be enlisted by the annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (held at the historic Tobacco Warehouse on Saturday, June 24th, 2006) this year to create the official afterparty for the festival... location, times, details, etc... all of that coming in the next couple weeks. The festival line-up hasn't been officially announced yet... but from what i'm hearing... the headliner is going to be right up our alley.

more later fools...


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ready to Lie

Sean Combs, you a bad bad boy.

Judge halts Notorious B.I.G. album sales

Hear the song that brought down (temporarily, at least) the classic debut below. The sample comes about 2 1/2 minutes in.

Ohio Players - Singing in the Morning

I'm in a "Spot the Sample" mood. Mighty Mos liked the one below. I wound up repeating the original 1/2 a dozen times. The Soul Hotness.

Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead


Friday, March 17, 2006


it's friday.


in celebration of the end of the work week and... let's not forget St. Patty's Day... here's a few jams that you can turn up loud today...

Capone & Noreaga - Invincible (this is one of my fav primo beats)
Big Daddy Kane - Wrath of Kane (this one is for you Charlie, if you don't already have it)
Big L - Put It On (dangermouse remix)

have a good weekend peoples.

mad love from the hhk crew.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


this is kind of random. but we've noticed that a lot of people in Phoenix check out our website. naturally, since our event happens in new york city, we find this interesting. so if you're reading this and you're in Phoenix, and you can help us understand the mystery... hollerade.

now... just to make this post not completely useless...

if any of ya'll didn't know, hip hop exec Chris Lighty maintains a blog at this week's post addresses an interesting phenom of the lack of demand for "golden era" hip hop performances. since HHK prides itself as somewhat of a "golden era" hip hop experience... I found this noteworthy.

"I am back. I have a question since we all have been consumed with the bad news in hip hop lets take a station break from that and talk about where is "hip hop" going with it's veteran artists? The Rolling Stones can come out every year and gross a 100 million plus tour and go and hang out where ever it is rockers hang out for the rest of the year and sip on their pina coladas. We have grown up as a culture and as adults but we have few main stays from the "golden era" of "hip hop" that can go out and tour. As this generation grows older we are coming to a cross roads of what concerts we will be going to see in the next decade. Will we who have hip hop children,neices and nephews,etc. think its cool to be going to concerts with our youngsters? I know my daughter wants to see the 50 cent or Jay z concert just as much as I do but I am the exception not the rule. I want to see Big Daddy Kane but the demand is slowly evolving for these kind of concerts of the dare i say it "old school artists" but its an absolutely far and in between event. We have to remember that we owe alot to the artists that have paved the way and we should support any show that revels in the glory of hip hop from the pioneers. I listen to Basckspin on Sirius as much as Hot 97 because I enjoy the music. Who will the first hip hop act to play vegas like the other icons in the business? I know this isn't the exciting dirt of the industry but its definitely something we have to think about because hip hop is the game of the young but if we don't solidify the base from the past we aren't going to have a strong future. Let's not go the way of the Jazz musicians of the past. Also I want to say i do see and read your notes and I thank you for the positive and negative. I dont jump back into the discussions as if I did it would become a free for all and we can't have that!!!" -


Monday, March 13, 2006


The photos from our last edition of HHK are now up on the site! Head over to our "photos" section of the site to check 'em out.

also, here's a few things you may want to mark on your calendar:

- Weds, March 15th & Thurs, March 16th @ SOB's - Dilated Peoples & Little Brother
- Saturday, April 22nd @ the Nokia Theatre - Ghostface Killah, Slick Rick, DJ Premier, & M-1 (from Dead Prez).
- Wednesday, May 17th @ BB King Blues Club - Naughty By Nature & Black Sheep.
- Thursday, May 25th @ BB King Blues Club - Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Is A Weapon.

be easy.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

But For Some Reason They're Not Picked

Anyone who saw/heard Diggedy's and Wex's intro last Friday knows there's a couple of classics that no one has blessed us with since we started this thing oh those many months ago. (How dope was that by the way?) We all still love the Tribe and Biggie songs. (There's a reason they're called "classics.") But thought I'd keep this going with my Top 10 Songs I Wish Were Rocked at HHK But Haven't Been to the Best of my Limited Memory, (or T10SIWWRHHKBHBBLM for short.) If you wanna rock one next month, come down and earn a special place in HHK's heart.


1. Beatnuts - Props Over Here
2. Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Deep Cover
3. GZA - Labels
4. Smif N Wessun - Bucktown
5. Noreaga - Super Thug
6. Big L - Ebonics
7. Jeru the Damaja - Come Clean
8. Juvenile - Back That Azz Up
9. Big Pun/Fat Joe - Twinz
10. Scarface - My Block

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The most beautifullest thing in this world....

Another fantastic installment of Hip Hop Karaoke...

Thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks to everyone who blessed the stage... Happy b-day to all the people there celebrating with us...

After Wex and I did a little opening medley (mp3), Tanya came up and did her thing on "Oooh"... Not to be outdone by his lady, Jon slayed "Get Money". Lil Kim's verse will never be the same.

Sooo many tremendous performances.. Lyrical Arsonist nailed "Bombs Over Baghdad"..Kev killed "Dwyck"..James flawlessly dropped two Outkast gems ("Da Art Of Storytellin' Pt I", and "Skew It On The Bar-b")..Anthony might as well have been the 18th letter himself after "I Know You Got Soul"...Rebecca "Work(ed) It" better than Missy...Charlie channeled his best Nate Dogg on "XXXplosive".. Gusto and Steve had a touching tribute to Jay Dee (RIP) with "Find A Way"..Just and co. debuted "Daytona 500"...Avi kicked the hungriest version of "Time's Up" I've ever seen..DLJ did his thing on "One More Chance", and featured a special mysterious lady from the crowd who jumped up to slay the last verse..Donna got her instinctive travels on with "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo"..TJ and Will did their best AZ and Nas with "Life's A Bitch"..Van educated on the "Next Movement".. Jessica not only killed "Hypnotize" lyrically, but also broke out some dance moves the likes I've never seen before...Danielle, a female after my own heart, name dropped the "purple tape" and killed "Incarcerated Scarfaces"..Jim did a little late night "Move Bitch" ditty...Sheila and co. brought our own Jay Newman on stage for "Shoop" (I'm hoping there's video of the girls who came on stage and freaked it).. Kenya did it all on stage with her rendition of JJ Fad's "Supersonic"..Darryl made his return and blessed us with "Touch The Sky"..D had his moment with the ladies (and one lady inparticular) with "Bonita Applebaum".. Goodwin got some 2am shit off his chest with "Hate Me Now".. And Dan, Brian, and Jay kicked a version of "Ha" that will live forever in our hearts.

In honor of Turin (HHK had more viewers though), the Gold medal for last night has to go to Robert Downey Jr (Dan) for murdering "Woohah" (mp3).. I mean, what can you say? Just listen for yourself.

Right behind him on the scorecards was Dashaun doing "Bring The Pain". (mp3). Dude kiiiiiiiiiiiilled it...Think of anything that sucks...This was the opposite.

Nothing better than a female breaking it down about their own kind.. Rosey morphed into Guru with her rendition of "Ex Girl To The Next" (mp3) (with a great acapella at the end).

James and Eric debuted what I feel to be the most difficult song on our list, "Luchini" (mp3) (the only words I ever remember are "sippin Amaretta").. Even came on staged decked out like Geeche and Sonny..

Now in the wee wee hours of the morning (2:30am), the night closed out with Steve and Van doing "Gas Face".. Upon further review of the audio, we're convinced Van is Zev Luv X (mp3).

We also had our resident cameraman Rick finally come out from the other side of the lens, and drop "Scenario" with Derege... Hopefully there's more to come...

Honorable mentions to Brian for "PSA", Ty for "It Was A Good Day", Emily and Beth with "99 Problems", Mike with "Humpty Dance", D for "Warning", Dan with "The World Is Yours", Todd with "Juicy", Jamal with "Ten Crack Commandments", Angela with "Doo Wop", and Saurav with "Check The Rhime"..

Thanks again!

- Diggedy

** right click, save as, to save the mp3 audio clips.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Here we goooo....

yup... it's that time again, folks. Hip Hop Karaoke is going down at Rothko tomorrow!

We were able to add a song for the girls this month ... "Queen Latifah's "Ladies First" ... so i hope to see some of you girls up there doing that one.

oooooooooooh, ladies first, ladies first....

Remember party people... if you want to signup, get there early. Doors/Signup period starts at 10pm sharp, and we begin the show at 11pm.

hit us up if you have any questions...

Digs & I have a real special little show intro for you too.

see you tomorrrow!!!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Smithsonian Museum Plans Hip-Hop Exhibit