Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

weekend at diggedy's....

will be back in full effect after labor day...


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

October HHK

The next edition of Hip Hop Karaoke will be October 3rd, at the Knitting Factory.

Please mark your m'fing calendars.


wex luther (props to jay).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Winners Announced of HHK's Brooklyn's Finest Edition

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Hip Hop Karaoke's special Brooklyn Edition at Music Hall of Williamsburg and especially those who competed for the cash prizes.

The HHK Council discussed all through the night on the winners, foregoing sleep and breakfast, but we'd like to congratulate Fine Tune for his stellar rendition of "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" and winning the $200 Grand Prize. 2nd place, and $50, goes to Ian for mastering "Dead Presidents." And a special Honorable Mention goes to Kane for his jump-off performance of "Top Billin'."

Thanks to all who participated and we'll be announcing the next HHK on the blog soon.

- The HHK Crew

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunday Evening.

Your chance to make some damn money at Hip Hop Karaoke is right around the corner!

Here's what you have to do-

Show up at the next edition of Hip Hop Karaoke this Sunday Evening at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Pick a song by a Brooklyn rapper. For example, Big Daddy Kane, Mos Def, etc.

Be hella dope & fresh.

The best performance of a song by a Brooklyn rapper gets $200. The 2nd best gets $50. The first 10 BK performances are eligible.

Sign-up officially starts at 7pm. Show starts around 8pm. Signup is first come, first served. Line-up.

All that, and you'll be home in bed early for work on Monday.

See you there.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 66


I am back!!!!

How many people missed me?

I want a f*cking head count dammit!!

Ipods have not felt the same since my 65th WAD..

Fret no more..

The choice cuts for this Friday, August 8th...

Cormega feat Red Alert, PMD, Grand Puba, Krs 1, and Big Daddy Kane - "Fresh"

I mean, if you're on this blog, it means you came to this website for a reason.. And if you came to this website for a reason, it means you grew up listening to every one of these artists.. And if you grew up listening to every one of these artists, do you really need an explanation here??? What a line-up! Just copped this off of spinemag, so have to thank them for dropping it into my world.. And now, into your world.. DOWNLOAD IT!

The Artifacts - "Flexi Wit Da Technique" (demo)

This kind of came and went without much fanfare, but The Artifacts were on the same stage together for the first time in 10+ years... They were both at the Rock Steady Anniversary in New Jeru, and managed to join forces for a couple of Artifacts classics.. This wasn't a "OMG IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU" reunion, so I'm not holding daily prayers for a 3rd album.. But it's still cool in some way shape or form... Anyway, there's 101 songs you can post of there's.. I chose this sh*tty quality demo of "Flexi" that I actually like more than the album version... What do you think? Download it!

The Roots feat Dice Raw - "The Grand Return"

I guess this was a bonus cut on their latest album.. It's pretty f*cking fresh.. Should have been about 2 minutes longer.. These are The Roots I know and love (up to and including Things Fall Apart).. Dice is still down with them after all these years.. And cotdamn it's been a lot of years.. Organix came out 15 years ago! Good lord I feel old.

Have a good weekend people!