Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 74


Here is Diggedy on Halloween two years ago:

No, I did not roll with this guy... but we did run into each other on the street.. Brothers in arms.

Be very grateful that this is where the picture cuts off, because my shorts did not go any further. Shout out to Selleck.

Yes, I love this Halloween sh*t... I'll be in the parade tonight, so tune on NY1 and look for the host you know and love.

Here are the choice tracks for this Friday, October 31st...

Biggie Smalls featuring Method Man - "The What" (original version)

Weird giving this a listen.. Beat is the same, Meth's verses are the same, but Biggie's are different.. Definitely worth having in your collection.. Download it!

Cella Dwellas featuring Inspektah Deck - "Verbal Slaughter"

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know they dropped the Cella for this album.. But they'll always be the Cella Dwellas to me.. This is a dope a** track off the second album.. I'll never forget the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college... This was 1997.. We went up 4th of July weekend to have a bbq at our new house (we had all lived on campus our first two years).. Our first night there, we end up at a Binghamton club.. Binghamton, NY in July.. Well.. Let's just say it's not really thick with people at that time.. We go to the club, and there are about 22 people there, our crew included.. My boy Drew Boogie goes to the bar, comes back, and says "yo.. the Cella Dwellas are here chilling".. My response was somewhere along the lines of "yeah?? that's crazy man.. I just ran into Group Home in the bathroom.." Before this could continue, who should walk across the dance floor? Ug and Phantasm.. My favorite part of the whole experience was how they acted like us coming up and giving them a pound was a common experience in upstate NY.. All bueno.. Download it!

The Arsonists - "AEIOU"

I was actually thinking of posting "Everyday's Halloween", but I'm pretty sure I posted that some time ago... But it got me in an Arsonist frame of mind, so I figured I'd post this.. This track is pretty f*cking ridiculous..This group, at full capacity, should have blown the f up.. Seriously.. Their live show was unmatched, and they had joints for days like this... You really need to be downloading this..

Have a good weekend party people.

Monday, October 27, 2008


October photos coming real real soon people. In the meantime, it's time for another episode of the #1 (,038) rated feature on this site: Caption This!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free is good.

We at Hip Hop Karao​ke thoug​ht you might​ be inter​ested in seein​g this DOPE show for FREE.​​

Tonig​ht,​ Satur​day,​​ Octob​er 25th!​​

NOKIA​ Theat​re Times​ Squar​e

featu​ring Talib​ Kweli​,​​ David​ Banne​r,​ Littl​e Broth​er & B.​​O.​​B.​​
All backe​d by the 10 Piece​ Rhyth​m Roots​ All Stars​!​​


The first​ 1000 conce​rt goers​ to enter​ the venue​ will recei​ve a free pair of Sony EX Earbu​d Headp​hones​.​​

*​​There​ are a limit​ed numbe​r of free ticke​ts avail​able, so hurry​ befor​e they’​re gone!​​


Passw​ord:​​ hipho​plive​

Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 73

This week's edition is dedicated to the G.O.A.T.

A man who has paid his dues for years in this rap game.

I'm talking about the one....

the only....

There was a time when you couldn't get a record deal if you didn't shout out big Danza in a song... People today rarely pay homage to the old school... They don't respect those that put it down well before them.

Kiss the ring b*tches!

Your choice cuts for this Friday, October 17th are all songs name dropping the man who brought Samantha Micelli into this world.

Please to enjoy...

Fu-Schnickens featuring Phife Dawg - "La Schmoove"

"Just come inside your jam and witness who is boss/and it won't be Tony Danza nor Diana Ross". WHAT! Let em know Phife!! The Schnickens loved a guest referencing Tony Danza so much in their song, it was written as part of Shaq's contracted guest appearance on "Can We Rock" that he mention the great TD as well. Let it be known!

The Roots - "Respond/React"

This is actually one of my favorite Roots songs.. I probably have as good a shot seeing them perform this live again that I do seeing Common perform "Soul By The Pound". This Danzism is courtesy of mister Malik B: "Hip Hop extravaganza/Tell your man I'll swamp him with a stanza/Now who's the boss?/Not Tony Danza". POINT TAKEN!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "All Souled Out"

"In the poconos, playin' dominos/Foes who rose caught a broken nose/Who's the boss/Not Tony Danza/something something something Bonanza"

That's it for me..

See you at Method Man and Redman tonight!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 72

First and foremost.... Have to say that last Friday's HHK was bananas.. Too many dope performances to name...

Had a really good time playing the hype man role...

Plus.. This is me stating for the record that I am a man of my word.. I don't know if they check the blog, but the Reservoir Dogs are guaranteed to have the first slot at the next HHK (November 15th!).. These guys.. and if you don't know who they are, here they are:

.. have been coming to HHK for over a year now.. No matter when they show up, they always manage to be one of the last performances of the night.. I'm talking 2:24am, 12 people left, the staff is begging us to leave time.. And they either do "Beats To The Rhyme", or " Brooklyn's Finest"..

Over that span, they've grown to be one of my favorite performers.. They keep me going during the final stretch run of the night.. So, in honor of their steady committment to closing down the evening, they can start off the festivities next month...

And with that, here are your choice cuts for this Friday, October 10th...

Raekwon - "Kids Thats Rich" produced by Pete Rock

Shaolin and Mount Vernon unite! Very dope track. Pete killed it on the beat. I still need a translater for Rae, but the flow is still fresh. Download it!

Masta Ace - "Saturday Night Live" (LA Jay Remix)

This is the same as the album cut, just a different beat... Always loved the original (you can check out the video here: ).. Pretty crazy that with the switch of the beat, it turns into a smooth cut.. Very dope either way.. Download it!

Showbiz & AG feat Big L, Dashawn, and Lord Finesse - "Represent"

One of my favorite posse cuts ever.. Off of Show & AG's first full length, Runaway Slave.. SO many quotables on this one.. You'll just have to DOWNLOAD IT for yourself.

That's it for me..

Have a good weekend peoples.

Friday, October 03, 2008


That's right ya'll.. The long awaited.. Highly anticipated...Return to the Knitting Factory..

We haven't been there since July 19th...

A lot's happened since then...

DJ Wex joined a book club...

The Other Guy found Prayer Of The Rollerboys to complete his Corey Haim DVD collection...

And yours truly shot some scenes as a stunt double for Once 2: The Piano Breaks.

And now, on October 3rd, we re-form like Voltron for another classic night of live Hip Hop performances done by you, and us, the Hip Hop junkies.

Uncle Ralph McDaniels (see blog post below) will be playing videos from 10-11...

And then, the fun begins... And on that note, the choice cuts for this Friday, October 3rd...

Nine - "Fo'eva Blunted"

Nine superfan number 1 at your service.. Shout out to K Dot for probably being the only person that will ever do "Whutcha Want" at HHK.. Wish someone recorded that.. This is a dope track off the first album, Nine Livez... Screams mid 90's... Download it!

Ghostface featuring Method Man and Street Life - "Box In Hand (The Lost Remix)"

If you're reading this to determine whether you're going to download it, get the f*ck off the blog.

Ed OG featuring Masta Ace - "Wishing"

Ed OG + Masta Ace + Pete Rock beat = DOWNLOAD IT!