Monday, September 29, 2008

HHK This Friday with Special Ralph McDaniels Video Mix

It's been a minute, but the wait is over. Hip Hop Karaoke returns to the Knitting Factory this Friday, October 3rd just in time for Hip Hop Honors Week. We know getting on stage and paying homage to the classics is an honor in and of itself, but we have the legendary "Uncle" Ralph McDaniels joining us this month to bless you with an exclusive Video Mix from 10-11 during sign-up period. We don't want to give away what he has in mind, but if you know the name Ralph McDaniels or Video Music Box, you know a legend will be in the building.

Hip Hop Karaoke
Your Chance to Rhyme
Friday, Oct. 3
Sign-up/Ralph McDaniels Video Mix @ 10
Show @ 11
Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St., NYC

(One of these men had just won $1,000 at the HHK Championship. Can you guess which one?)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 70

It is disgusting on the streets of NY today.... It's sucking the life right out of me...

Not to mention, it's 5:20, but it feels like 11:15.

I'm ready to go home, throw on the pj's, and have a healthy Hot Pockets and wild cherry pepsi dinner..

I've got no baseball the rest of the year since the yankees turned back the clock to 1989 with a stinker of a season (shout out to Mel Hall).. Giants don't play this weekend so I don't have that to look forward to.. My weekend will basically revolve around Chris Rock's new HBO special, and the faint hope that someone will decide to spontaneously have a Sledgehammer marathon at 2am... Fingers crossed!

Time for the choice cuts for this Friday, September 26th...

The Brand New Heavies featuring Grand Puba - "Who Makes The Loot"

This was also on Puba's album, but I first heard it on The Brand New Heavies Heavy Rhyme Experience Volume I. If you don't have this album, you need to get it.. Has Masta Ace, Guru, Main Source, Black Sheep, Pharcyde, Kool G Rap, and Ed OG all rapping over some funky *ss beats and grooves.. This track is my favorite.. It was also the song that alerted a 14 year old Josh to the fact that his mother knows what "skinz" means... It's got such a funky, happy groove that I played it loud not thinking anyone would be paying attention.. Oh, mama Diggedy was.. Not a fan of "never hit skinz once they sag"... Who woulda thought? Meanwhile, her favorite Onyx song is "Blac Vagina Finda".. Go figure. Download it!

Main Source - "Time"

This is a dope *ss unreleased Main Source song.. Those that know me, know I like the Pro... His new album is bananas by the way.. There were a lot of Breaking Atoms era tracks that didn't actual make the album.. This ones really pretty ridiculous.. You really need to be downloading it...

A Tribe Called Quest featuring De La Soul, Black Sheep & L.O.N.S. - "Scenario (demo)"

This made the rounds a month or so ago... One of the original "Scenario" demos with De La and the Black Sheep on it, and different verses from everyone else (basically)... It was rumored to exist for years, and thanks to the power of the internet, it finally surfaced.. There's another one that I've got in the ol' folder, but I'm not posting it unless a lot of people download the Main Source track.

: )

Have a good weekend people

Friday, September 19, 2008

photos from the last HHK...

are up in the photo section.

ch-ch-ch-check 'em out.

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 69

This one's too easy right?

Your choice cuts for this Friday, September 19th...

Ice Cube - "Givin' Up The Nappy Dugout"

Wow. Two weeks in a row with an Ice Cube track! And both off of Death Certificate! I'm not going to lie. I was 13 when this came out. I had to ask what a "nappy dugout" was. Had nothing to do with where Don Mattingly was innings 1-9 I would soon find out.

Apache - "Hey Girl"

This joint is my sh*t to the infinite degree...Produced by Large Pro...This got like 1/10000th of the love that "Gangsta B*tch" got.. It will always have a place at WAD's. Download it!

Juggaknotts - "Sex Type Thang"

Dope track off of the re-release.. Download it!

I know there are like 5000 songs, from far better artists (Akinyele, Too Short, Luke, anyone?).. I got stoked to do this, and then my work schedule hit me like a ton of bricks... So I copped out and just posted anything that had to do with sex, women, etc...

Whatever. They're still three great songs.

69 DUDE!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HHK Comes Back to the Knit with EXCLUSIVE Ralph McDaniels Video Mix

Has it really been 2 months since we last rocked it at Knitting Factory? I have no memory but according to the pics page, yes. It's Hip Hop Honors Week next month and what better way to honor your favorite emcee than by killing one of their songs onstage at HHK.

We're especially proud to have "Uncle" Ralph McDaniels present an exclusive 1-hour video mix from 10-11, showing you his picks of classic hip-hop videos and, almost as important, FINALLY giving DJ Wex that hour to shotgun 12 Heinekens and mingle with the hip-hoparazzi in the crowd. If you don't know Ralph's name, get familiar.

Hip Hop Karaoke
Your Chance to Rhyme
Friday, October 3
Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St.

10-11: Special Video Mix by Ralph McDaniels
11-??: Hip Hop Karaoke

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 68

What's beef?

I'll tell you.

Some folks I know, who shall remain nameless, went to the baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies at Cooperstown a couple of months ago.. Think they invited sports super fan number 1 Diggedy to the festivities? No. No they didn't. Ok, fine. Maybe there were already 4 people in the car and they didn't want my 6'3" ass taking up a lot of space. Maybe they just don't like me. I don't know. It took me some time, but I got over it.

Until... I find out said fellows went to the basketball Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago to see one of my favorite players of all time, Patrick Ewing, get inducted. Did I get an invite this time??? Of course not. The cherry on the top of the ice cream sundae? They ran into childhood a childhood favorite... The man who in Game 6 against the Bulls had a 4 point play that tied a game they would lose moments later on Michael Jordan free throws... The man who made Martin Luther King Day at the Garden an institution when his buzzer beater started the "you can't shoot with less than .3's of a second on the clock" rule.. That's right people.. Number 6, Trent Tucker.

What does that add up to?

Your choice cuts for this Friday, September 12th....

Jeru the Damaja - "Friend or Foe"

There's rumors that Guru went to Mark Messier's retirement ceremony at the Garden, and didn't invite Jeru. This was his response.

Ice Cube - "No Vaseline"

This is what happens when you don't invite Cube to a Lakers-Supersonics game. That's all I'm saying.

Black Sheep - "H.a.a. (Here's Another Asshole)"

It's pretty well known that Hammer was once a ball boy for the Oakland A's. Legend has it that Lawnge and Dres were sitting in the first row on the 3rd base line as kids and a foul ball was hit to Hammer. Lawnge and Dres were begging Hammer to throw them the ball, but he held on to it and gave it to the umpire after the inning was over. Years later, Black Sheep dropped this b-side.

Have a good weekend peoples!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 67

And we at it again, and we at it again......................

Party people in the place to be WHAT IS UP!

My apologies for the extended absence. Been a crazy few weeks, but I am back and ready to delve into my musical collection to share with you.

My Yankees are nearly deceased.

My Giants are back in the NY/NJ Groove (I'll let the second half slide boys).

I am healthy, alive, and I can't complain.

For today's re-launch, what better way to kick it off than with my favorite rapper (and The Other Guy's most hated rapper): Del The Funke Homosapien. In addition to his first few albums (all dope in my opinion), Del has a slew of b-sides, remixes, guest appearances, etc that are nitro fresh.. I have assorted ones on cassettes and cd's here and there, but recently came across a whole grip of them online.. And now I want to share some of my favorites with you.. I don't even know where to really start because there are so many.. I'm sure I'll get around to most of them before Weekend at Diggedy's ends in 2050.

And with that, the choice cuts for this Friday, September 5th:

Del - "Nowadays"

This came out between I Wish My Brother George Was Here and No Need For Alarm.. Definitely leans more towards the debut in terms of vibe.. I always compare Del's first two albums with Tribe's first two.. The difference between the first and the second were day and night, but both are extremely dope in their own right.. It's a perfect example of great artists maturing.. Somewhere along the lines, the real Del was replaced by a robot.. Hey, it happens.. But this is vintage Del.. I love this track. Download it!

The Coup feat Del - "Repo Man"

This is the type of track that would have ended up on IWMBGWH. Very dope Bay Area collabo.. Not much more to really say other than you need to download the damn thing, ok?

Del - "Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo (remix)"

This is a remix off of a track on IWMBWH. I always like how they flipped this track... A lot of these early Hiero tracks did a great job at switching up the beat mid song into something even better.. This is one of them.. Just a dope track you need to make your own.

Well, it's good to be back.

If you hate Del, then just pretend I didn't come back til next week.

Have a great weekend people...