Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 63

Is it me? Do I have very sensitive hands?

Wherever you are... Whether it's my peoples in New York and New Jeru... The WAD fans in Wausau, WI that wrote in thanking me for posting a Troubleneck Brothers track a few months ago...Or anywhere on this planet we call Earth.. I am SURE you have a bagel store along the lines of a Pick A Bagel, Cafe Metro, Pax, etc.

Basically.. There's a long line of people, and about 4 staff members... One takes your order, you wait, get your food, and go pay.. Anytime I go in there, and order the toasted everything bagel with butter, they throw it on the toaster, lather it with butter, wrap it with aluminum foil, then hand it to me..The tin foil, becomes hot as F*CK, and feels like I'm putting my hand on a stove just for kicks.. Is it just me? There were 3 people ahead of me online and NOWHERE to rest it, so I kept taking turns with each hand balancing it against the glass case with the 900 cream cheese's I'll never try... Each time it felt like my hand was going to melt, I switched... I'm going to have to start ordering with Freezy Freakies on.

That's right people. What I'm talking bout ya'll is hip hop.

On to the choice cuts for this Friday, June 27th! I'm going to be in Jersey tomorrow, so let's do a Jersey edition!

Redman - "Jersey Yo!"

This is a re-make of Ice Cube's "Once Upon A Time In The Projects" off of Malpractice... Red is bugging the f*ck out on this track... Not much more to say on it.. You need to just download it.. But since I'm on the subject of Red.. Did anyone ever see the prank show they did on MTV years ago called Stung? There were some truly classic moments on that show.. This is one of my favorite skits, where they fooled several beatboxers.. You need to just WATCH IT!

The Artifacts featuring Busta Rhymes - "C'mon Wit Da Git Down (remix)"

How am I going to do a Jersey tribute and not put an Artifacts track up?! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I HEART Between A Rock and A Hard Place. If you don't own it, GO OUT AND GET IT. F*ck. Getting me all pissed off and sh*t. As if the original couldn't be topped (OMG. WAIT A SECOND. WEEKEND AT DIGGEDY'S SPECIAL BONUS CUT TIME!!!!!! HERE IS THE ORIGINAL: , they go and smooth it out and bring in Busta Rhymes before Webster's dictionary changed the definition of remix to read:

transitive verb
: to mix again, usually featuring 16 bars from Busta Rhymes at the end of the song, possibly roaring like a dungeon dragon. see: "ludacris"

It's actually pretty funny.. It's such a mellow beat.. And Busta rolls with that on the hook.. But even he finds a way to wild out on this... It's fresh as f*ck, though, so DOWNLOAD IT!

Poor Righteous Teachers - "Can I Start This"

Last, but certainly not least, the PRT posse. I think I told this story once, but I will tell it again for those who haven't gone back and read Volume 1-63. I could not stop playing "Rock Dis Funky Joint" when I was a kid. So... When I was away at sleepaway camp, I asked my mom to get me the Holy Intellect album... Like the wonderful mother she was (and is), she went to the store, got it, and mailed it to me.. I always wonder what the look on the clerks face was when she put that cassette on the counter.. Anyway, this is the first track off of that album, and I used to flip this track OVER and OVER and OVER again back in the day.. Now.. YOU CAN TOO!

Have a great weekend people.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a look back

in this post... i took a look back into the HHK photos from years past and found one i wanted to share, one that i rather enjoy.

you can do the same, if you'd like.

anybody who knows me also knows that i have an absolutely terrible memory. no diss to anyone who ever graces our stage, but at the end of night, i have trouble looking back to the performances and recalling all that much. all a blur, i guess.

but this one, i remember.

i thought it was absolutely hysterical then and i still do. the two of them got on the same page and were in it together 100%. Diggedy musta just caught a good vibe from dude 'cause he immediately jumped on-board with homies unique brand of funk and there was no lookin' back. love that. and look at the girl on the lower right, she couldn't agree more. she and i saw this moment from the same set of lenses.

this photo shows off a side of HHK that i love and hold near and dear. it's the side of it where people aren't afraid to let loose, act silly, & bring on a room full of smiles - all while staying 100% true to who they are as a person... while also expressing love & respect for this artform we all love. can't beat that with a bat.


Monday, June 23, 2008

May 31 - Photos

May 31's Photo's are now up in the photos section.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

thanks to e'body.

BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone who came out to HHK on Friday night for making it the best edition of Hip Hop Karaoke at the Knitting Factory... ever (in my opinion).

seriously. the crowd was amped, warm, and lovely all around. we had great performances, great times, some laughs, and lots of energy.

let's keep it up and make sure that July 19 is no different.

mad love to my party peoples.

dj "can't stop won't stop" wex.

ps- i promise that we'll have a nice handful of NEW songs to add for next month. if you see Diggedy, tell him to come over to my crib so we can sort this shit out.

Friday, June 20, 2008

HHK TONIGHT AND... Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 62

That's right.. Bringing you another one this evening.

Throw on your headphones... Break out your I Wish My Brother George Was Here cassette tape.. Pop it in your walk-man for the train ride over to the Knitting Factory.. Cram it in the cassette player on your 1987 Nissan Maxima...

Dig into your closet.. Take out the Navy blue Champion hoodie... Put on the size 13 Timberlands (your feet aren't big like mine???).. Rock the Low End Theory promo t-shirt that has the holes in it.

And get your ass up and over to Hip Hop Karaoke people!

The gathering of all gatherings.. Where once a month, the clock gets turned back, and you don't get called a dinosaur for doing so.

I'll be there.

Wex'll be there.

The other guy will be there.

Say no more.

And on that note, the choice cuts for this Friday, June 20th...

Xzibit featuring Ras Kass & Saafir - "Plastic Surgery"

How do I love this bass line? Let me count the ways... This is off of X to the Z's first album.. Each emcee KILLS this track. Ras Kass' first line when he comes in might be my favorite.. But there's a lot of doozies... I had this cassette my freshman year of college and it got a tremendous amount of burn... The three of them were supposed to drop a Golden State Warriors album, but it never happened.. This is still my favorite of all the tracks they did... When I saw Xzibit open up for Eminem years ago at Jones Beach, Ras and Saafir came out and I was the only moron in the whole amphitheater jumping up and down like he brought out Prince or some sh*t.. What can I say? I'm Diggedy... There's a method to the madness.. Where was I? Download it!

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo featuring The Geto Boys & Ice Cube - "Two To The Head"

What a way to close an album... I f*cking love this song. Another one where everyone murders it.. When I finally start production on that movie where I play a former drug dealer turned school teacher who gets lured back into the drug game by students who hold his daughter hostage unless he obeys their every command, this is the song that will be playing when I murder them at the end and win my family's freedom. What? Download it!

Juggaknots - "Clear Blue Skies"

I'm actually going to get serious for a second.. And I'm surprised it took me 62 WAD's to get to this track.. Hopefully, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know even just a little bit about what goes on inside my head.. You have an idea of my musical tastes.. And if you keep coming back, I'm assuming you have similar ones.. So I'm not going to say anything about this song, other than the fact it's top 5 all-time in my life.. In any genre. Should be reason enough to download it.

See you tonight people.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


5/31 photos are on the way. Sorry about the delay. You can blame Other Guy on Friday.

In this month's CAPTION THIS!, what is Doni D, venerable runner-up at the 2008 HHK Championships, thinking now? Best comment wins, um, I dunno, something on Friday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Friday

so here's the word, for all of you out there that were super concerned-


and yup, so did i, mr dj wex. the difference? i spent 30 minutes there. diggedy spent 3 days.

my new nickname you ask? dj "smooth the talker" wex.

for those who don't care about our personal lives and just want you some more hip hop karaoke, check this language:

THIS Friday night-

Hip Hop Karaoke
"Your MuthaFing Chance to Rhyme"
Friday, June 20
The Knitting Factory (74 Leonard St)
Free to perform, Free to watch
10pm signup
11pm show
21+ W/ ID

tell your friends.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 61

Guesssssssssssssss who has jury duty????

That's right.

This guy. Plus... DJ WEX GOT IT TOO! AT THE SAME TIME! How does that happen? HHK REPRESENT.

Wonderful times all around.

You really get to see how competent your community is at times like these.

I got the day off today, so I was able to come to work. Win-win all around!!

In honor of my joy at being able to perform my civic duty, this weeks WAD will be of songs dealing with court, jail, or hell, maybe they just mention a lawyer in it (shout out to Goodie Mob! "F*ck Chris Darden, f*ck Marcia Clark").

And on that note, the choice cuts for this Friday, June 13th.

East Flatbush Project - "Tried By 12"

Even if you don't know this song, you KNOW this song. This got ridiculous underground burn in the mid 90's. Crazy beat. Dope *ass hook. I used to rap over this beat pretty much every day for about three years. One day we're just gonna say "f*ck it" and add this to the list. If you don't know this song, DOWNLOAD IT. And if you know it and don't have it on mp3, DOWNLOAD IT! Don't make me say it a third time.

Gravediggaz - "Diary of a Madman"

How can I do a blog post like this without including this song? Rza and Prince Paul in their primes. One day at HHK, we need to recreate this song as a 4:34 opera. Casting will begin in July. Welcome to RAP SUMMERSTOCK PEOPLE! DOWNLOAD IT!

Brand Nubian - "Claimin' I'm A Criminal"

This is off of Everything Is Everything. Some fresh cuts on there. Not my favorite Nubian album, but I wasn't mad at it. I always liked this track. You need more? ITS JAMAR AND SADAT. DOWNLOAD IT!

Have a good weekend people.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 60

I missed last week.. I know, I know, I know..

I'm sorry.

One day you'll be able to make blog posts with your mind.. When that day comes, no excuses.

I'll just think about it on the train, and boom. Stories, songs, life lessons, etc.

Until then, though, when your boy Diggedy is too busy, your boy Diggedy is too busy.

After today, I will have brought close to 180 songs into your life. Isn't that what it's all about? At least ONE of those songs has to have gotten some ipod play. If not, you either have a fantastic mp3 collection, or absolutely hate my taste in music. I can see either being a legitimate option.

I like when I do "theme" weeks, because it makes my life easier when I'm debating what songs to post. But I can't think of a theme.

Here are your random choice cuts for this partly cloudy June 6th.

J-Live - "It Don't Stop"

Said it before and I'll say it again: I am a J-Live fan. Went to see The Roots and a bunch of other acts (including this new kid Eminem) at The Tunnel way back when for a Lyricist Lounge show with my boy Goonan (happy birthday kid). When we left, I saw the man behind "Braggin Writes", and had to give him his due. Goonan kind of blows it off, and when the emcee walked away he says "who was that?", thinking it was someone from college, and when I told him it was J Live you would have thought that I just told him he missed a chance to talk to Macaulay Culkin (he LOVED Home Alone 2).

The Best Part - all 94 different versions I have heard it in - is one of my favorite albums. I wasn't crazy with the production on most of J's tracks following the first LP, but you could never argue with the fact that dude pretty much murders every mic he touches. This track is off of his new album, Then What Happened. Nothing crazy. Just dope. Give it a test drive. Download it!

Audio Two vs. Air - "Top Billin" (Danger Mouse remix)

Let me please go on the record as stating that a song like "Top Billin'" can never be re-done. So I don't post this to compare the two. I just think Danger Mouse did his thing on the beat, and it's a nice compliment to the original. This one is courtesy of DJ Wex. Props over there. Download it!

Main Source - "The Atom"

The same way "Ism and Blues" wasn't on Hard 2 Obtain's Ism and Blues, "The Atom" wasn't on Breaking Atoms. Very dope track. I was in the mood for some Large Pro, so here you go. Download it!

Have a good weekend people.

Happy birthday to my little brother Evan. The big 2-7 kid!


Monday, June 02, 2008

May 2 "Off the Books" PHOTOS...

... are posted yo.

click the link on the right -->