Thursday, April 27, 2006

mo' shows

5/07 - Public Enemy w/ special host Ice-T @ BB Kings
5/12- Ice Cube, Tha Dogg Pound w/ Daz Dillinger + Kurupt, Clipse, & Funkmaster Flex
5/17 - Naughty By Nature, Black Sheep, & the UMC's @ BB Kings
5/18 - People Under the Stairs, Psalm One, Time Machine, & Gym Class Heroes @ SOB's
5/18 & 19 - The Roots w/ Common, Nas and Talib Kweli / Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Angelique Kidjo and J. Davey
5/25 - Lee Scratch Perry @ BB Kings
6/08 - Common, Rakim, DJ Z-Trip, Lupe Fiasco, & Rhymefest @ Central Park SummerStage
6/09 - Raekwon, Dead Prez, Clipse, & Sean Price @ Nokia Theatre

6/24 - Big Daddy Kane, Lupe Fiasco, & The Procussions @ Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (free show)
7/30 - Lady Sovereign & Pete Rock @ Central Park SummerStage (free show)


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Free Common Show

Common and Ginuwine are droppin rhymes and tryin to get in yo girl's pants (respectively most likely) this Friday at Rutgers. The last time we were in New Brunswick, many years ago, one of the HHK crew played Biggie's infamous "Track 8" from Ready to Die three times in a row in a bar to see peoples' reactions. Oh to be young and stupid. But we digress. This show should be better than that. (And they have Fried Twinkies.)

More info here:


Monday, April 24, 2006

Gnarls Barkley

With the May 2 U.S. release of Gnarls Barkley -- AKA Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo -- around the corner, here's two nice pieces on the duo that collectively should be everything you need to know about 'em. (Check the P-Fork one for info on another Danger Mouse/Jemini album. True.)
Oh, and since everyone by now has heard the original "Crazy," here's an interesting cover by grizzled singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne. Not better. Just. Interesting. Also, thanks to the #1 spot in the UK, the duo went on Top of the Pops and turned in this alternate, orchestral version for ya pleasure. Check it.

See ya on the 5th,


Pitchfork Interviews Gnarls Barkley

The Guardian Profile

Ray LaMontagne Covers "Crazy"

Gnarls Barkley - "Crazy" (Alternate version performed on UK's Top of the Pops)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

brand new.

thanks to your resident host, Digs, we were able to un-earth a few CLASSIC songs to add to the HHK song list.

- Slick Rick "Children's Story"
- Audio Two "Top Billin"
- Method Man & Redman - "How High"
- Big Daddy Kane "Ain't No Half Steppin"
- Fugees - "Fu-Gee-La"
- and one more that i can't tell you about yet. but it's one of the best hip hop songs of all time... oh lawdy.

nice, right?

as always, we're on the constant look-out for new songs to add to the list... so if you have any full, accurate instrumentals to songs like the classic's above... feel free to email us.


Monday, April 17, 2006

ah, tax day.

what a joy.

for some, it means getting a fat check from the man. for others, it means cutting a fat check to the man.

and for some others, it means nothing... because they're glued to their couch eating chunky monkey and watching dr. phil.

speaking of dr. phil... i'm sure he'd have something brilliant (read: sarcasm) to say about this new article posted on

"Listeners of rap are more likely to encounter problems with alcohol, drugs and violence than listeners of other genres, according to a new study by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation's (PIRE) Prevention Research Center."

on to Wu-tang news:

check the trailer for their upcoming "rock the bells" concert film here
check a great new Raekwon interview here
check a great new GZA interview here

that's all for now...


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's A Big Daddy Thing...

For these five people that performed above and beyond the call of lyrical duty :

Desiree - "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"
Charlie - "Da Goodness" (MP3 sample here)
Domie - "Funky For You" (MP3 sample here)
Lyrical Arsonist - "C.L.O.N.E.S."
Darryl - "Ebonics"

Again, you have each won a ticket to the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest on June 24th, as well as the HHK After-Party @ Southpaw that night.

Contact us to claim your prize:

It was a tough call... Desiree had, quite possibly, the biggest reaction ever at HHK.

Domie (I'm sure the spelling is off), did the greatest impression of Smooth B. Ever.

Lots of strong performances throughout the night. The recording went in and out during the evening, but honorable mention to Kevin's "I Gotcha Opin (rmx)" (MP3 sample here) and Van/Goodwin's "Definition" (MP3 sample here).

See you all in May!

- Digs

**** Right Click, Save As, to save the MP3 Audio clips to your computer.

Monday, April 10, 2006

and another one.

a BIG thank you to everybody who came and supported yet another packed & successful HHK on Friday! we had a great time, as always.

i uploaded the photos to the site today, so take a look. as always, feel free to hit up Rick (our excellent photographer), at, if you're looking for mo' fotos, yo.

i haven't checked the cd's yet, but i'm sure i'll also have a few dope mp3 audio clips to post up on here tomorrow.

umm... what else?


the top five performers from Friday will be announced tonight, by your favorite host/hypeman Digs... and the prize, you ask??

passes to this years Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (featuring Big Daddy Kane, Lupe Fiasco, and more!) AND passes to the official after-party at Southpaw, which will be featuring yours truly, Hip Hop Karaoke - Your Chance to Rhyme. will be crazy fun. big fun. all that.

your favorite deejay,


Friday, April 07, 2006

Hip Hop Karaoke is Going Down Tonight!

That's right people. It feels like an eternity since the last one but the wait is over. Come down, grab some drinks and choose from one of nearly 250 hip-hop joints on our list. Sign-up is first come, first serve so get there early!

Hip Hop Karaoke
Your Chance to Rhyme

Friday, April 7

Sign-up at 10
Show at 11

Rothko - 116 Suffolk St. @ Rivington St., Lower East Side, NYC

See ya there,


Monday, April 03, 2006

wex knows best.

i'm addicted to "hogan knows best". i can't help it... i mean, the hulk was the SHIT to me as a little kid. i remember begging my pops to take me to the miami arena to see him in the "royal rumble". i think i was even wearing the yellow tank. yup. it was like that.

the new ghostface album is great. if you haven't checked it yet, please do yourself the favor. it's not "supreme clientele", but it's better than 99% of the other shit being released on a major these days. "the champ" is the 2006 "daytona 500". yea, i said it.

i think jay is addicted to youtube. i have my reasons.

rap is outta control. and has been for a while... but jesus, busta's crackin' dave mays with a champagne bottle, black rob is going away for 7 years (for stealing shit out of a lady's hotel room?!?!), and russell lost his lady. damn, that's what i call a week.

what better way to end another WTF week in Hip Hop than to come to this month's HHK @ Rothko?? so come on thru, it'll be Fun with a capital F. peace...