Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Photo-shopped in less than 8 seconds.. Please believe me!

Ho, ho, holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sh*t it's been a long time!



On the first day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a Zhigge mp3..... This is the uptown bounce remix of "Rakin In The Dough". All told, I think there were about 94 versions of this, one of them being with the "Murder She Wrote" beat in the background. I think that beat got put behind remixes for every song that came out that year. Elton John did "Candle In The Wind" over it. Sh*t was crazy..

On the second day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a track from Akinyele.... This is the Large Pro produced "In The World"... Words can't describe how much this was my sh*t back in the day.. Played this non-stop on the walkmen.. Probably even on a walkman that didn't have a rewind button.. Listen to it, flip it, fast-forward, flip it back, and VOILA!

On the third day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a traaaaaack from B.O.B... Now I don't really go for much new stuff, but this track is bananas... Give it test drive.. Then put it in your ipod.. It's dope.. Take it from Santa Diggs...

On the fourth day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, Main Source with the Brand New Heavies... This album actually takes me back to Xmas.. My cousin Jordan knew I liked Hip Hop, and I got me this tape.. I had no idea who the Brand New Heavies were, and I popped the tape in and it was a wrap.. The Heavy Rhyme Experience Volume I is a must have.. This is "Bonafied Funk"..

On the fifth day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a track Del made for a movieeeeeeee... Any time Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg get together to make a film, you know it's going to bring out the heavy hitters for the soundtrack.. Those two do more for hip hop than Warren Beatty.. This is the title track for "Made In America".. Dope Del that Jay probably hates.. All the more reason to download it!

On the sixth day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a track from Books and Crazy Drayzeeeeeeeee.. I think most people jumped off the train by the time they dropped Generation Efx .. But "Raw Breed" was a real gem.. Check it out..

On the seventh day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a song from the J Beeeeeeeeez... I think Done By The Forces of Nature was my favorite Jungle Brothers album.. So many songs to choose from.. But I think I'll go with "Beeds on a String" today...

On the eigth day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a demo from Charliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. 2una.. First heard this on Stretch and Bob.. Dope track..This is a radio rip (think that's Eclipse talking over it).. "Who's Gonna Be The Next Victim"...

On the ninth day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a track from the funk docta from jerseyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I've noticed that my favorite Redman tracks tend to conflict with everyone else's.. So it is... This might be one of my favorite tracks of his, off my favorite album of his, Dare Iz A Darkside... This is a song you will never see Shawn J doing, cause there was no video.. "Green Island"..

On the tenth day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a track featuring everyyyyyyyyyyyybody... What better day to post a track about people coming together than Xmas eve??? This is "We're All In The Same Gang".. It features everyone in the history of west coast rap...

On the eleventh day of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a song similar to the above mp3.....While I'm on the "positive" tip, this was another track featuring a ton of rappers that I always dug.. "Close the Crackhouse" .. Used to see this video on jukebox all the time..

On the 12th of Xmas, Diggedy gave to me, a track from way back in my historyyyyyyyyyyyy.. So basically, I used to make people "pause tapes" all the time throughout high school.. I would always be listening to Stretch and Bob, Club 89/NY Live, and anything else that allowed me to get my hands on that hot sh*t.. But it wasn't enough for me to just make people 90 minute tapes.. I felt like i needed to spice it up.. I'd do some WEIRD sh*t.. Haha.. I would actually record storylines and plots in between songs.. And on others, I'd just rap.. My boy Corey found an old "Furious J" mixtape from 1995, when I was just 17.. This is the first 22 minutes of that tape that he uploaded.. The first 4 minutes, is all me rapping and further illustrates just how dope Big Daddy Kane and Special Ed and anyone else wrapping back then were 5000000 light years ahead of me.. Hahaha.. I have not heard any of these verses in 13 years.. I am dying.. I'm not going to lie, though.. There are some dope lines in there.. Enjoy (or not)..


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


stand up.

happy holidays everybody. gettin damn cold out there.

it's time that we at HHK let you know where the next HHK will be. and when.

the short of it,
SOUTHPAW, on Friday, February 20th at 9:30pm.

this will be the first HHK of 2009 and we're really looking forward to bringing it back to Brooklyn. we've always had super good times at Southpaw and truly enjoy rockin that stage with ya'll.

we're going to open doors and start sign-up at 9:30pm.

Diggedy aka DJ Album Cuts will be on the turntables from then until the show starts at about 10:30pm.

we'll rock HHK and after it's wrapped (heh), I'll jump on the turntables to keep the party going 'till ??

that's the plan... tell your friends.


Saturday, December 06, 2008


December 6, 2004.

The movement begins.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


What is HHK regular and all-around good guy Mecca telling Josh to do? Best answer wins a free double shot of pride.