Thursday, March 19, 2009

HHK March Pics

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Been Trying to Contact the HHK Crew?

Just a FYI: We've been having a few technical difficulties as of late with the Contact page of the site so if you hit us up via that and haven't heard back, we promise we're not ignoring you. Our crack back-office staff is working tirelessly to get it up and running again. In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, criticisms or praise, please e-mail us directly at


The Management

Monday, March 16, 2009

and the winners are....


What a ridiculously dope evening... From the incredible re-living of the Big Daddy Kane MSG show (seamlessly re-enacted by Pack FM & Poison Pen), to the special RDJ medley, it was another night to remember...

Now to the winners.. It was a really tough one because there were so many performances that were flat out bananas...

But the HHK triumverate put their heads together, and in the end agreed....these... are your winners:

The winner of the grand prize ($100)is........ Soco who murdered "Warning".. She came all the way up from DC and we hope she'll come back... Who the f*ck is this? Soco ya'll...Recognize.

Second place ($50), goes to..................... Scooter & Shawn J for their performance of "Gimme The Loot"... Another pair that absolutely bodied the track... You could put Shawn's performances of MOP, Redman, and ODB together and you still could not match his intensity on this one...I'm still hype? Indeed... Hopefully this is enough for Scooter and Shawn to go dutch on a movie and dinner.

Third place, and the winner of the Biggie Smalls Rap Phenomenon DVD (thanks again Gold Dust Entertainment) is Cole Cuts for his version of "Juicy"... I've never done such a 360 from the moment a person takes the stage and when he leaves... By the time Cole was walking the crowd during the final verse, it was a (w)rap.... Well done...

If you're a winner, please make sure to hit us up on the site to claim your prizes...

Thanks again to everyone who came out.. See you on April 3rd...

oh... and the video of said Poison Pen/Pack FM intro:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend at Wex's, Volume 1?

whaddup party people. wexington the 1st here.

first of all --- come to southpaw tonight. bring your friends. it's going to crazy, i can feel it. the best biggie performance of the night gets a cool hundred bucks. the second best gets a fiddy. and prizes for the other super dope biggie performances.

ok --- since diggedy, ahem i mean dj album cuts, has been and will be handling some of the pre-hhk deejaying duties, it's only right that i jump in and help out with the friday "weekend at" blog postings.

hmm... what to do with the theme of this weekend at post? duh, biggie joints of course!

some of you hardcore heads probably already have these. but for yous guys that don't, first up to bat, it's the long lost pepsi commerical that biggie cut before he passed. the commercial never aired, but the audio leaked, and here it is--

another biggie joint hot off the wire! the dj premier remix of Machine Gun Funk! note the lack of a siren in this one.

what's that? another rare biggie joint coming right up! the promo version of Me & My Bitch!

see you tonight. don't forget your energy!

wex luther.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm amped

maaaaaaaaaaaan, i'm really looking forward to tomorrow's night HHK show.

i always love our biggie nights... it brings out the best in everybody. it also embodies exactly what we've always tried to do with HHK- to celebrate great music.

and remember this shit??!



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biggie's First Magazine Cover?

shouts to spine magazine. pretty fresh.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

breathing life.

check out this review of the last edition of HHK at Southpaw:

Beyond Race Magazine

i think the writer captured the essence of what we all try to do with HHK.

thanks for coming out, shirline.

dj wex