Wednesday, May 31, 2006


we're definitely the LAST to get on-board the myspace train... but regardless, we've done it.

make us your friend.

everything is rolling smoothly for HHK... we can't wait to get on-stage again on June 24th.

see us mentioned in Spin Magazine this month? we're one of America's "wildest" parties. woo-hoo!

dj wex.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ghosts Don't Talk

Wex already said it but I personally want to thank Rory, Sean, Kari, Tyler, Andrew, Duke and Dave for helping to make Hip Hop Karaoke as popular as it is today. Every time you sounded nice on the mic, got a double shot for the price of one or whatever, they're to thank as much as anyone so yeah, good looks. Rest assured that this is only the beginning....

Moving on, for anyone who feels the need to squirm in their chair and emulate watching a bullet train smash into a car stuck on the tracks, peep the link below for The Onion's interview with Ghostface. You can almost hear Ghost's eyes rolling after every question. I almost feel bad for Rabin. See ya soon.


Click Here for the Most Awkward Interview Ever

Monday, May 22, 2006

yes, we're still here.


sorry we haven't hit you all with a new blog post in a hot minute... but i've been wanting to let that last post simmer for a little while. so you all would know what HHK is doing for the month's of June & July.

but yea, let me get this out of the way now... THE NEXT HHK will be at Southpaw on June 24. geah. southpaw is one of my favorite music venues in all of new york city, and i'm very proud that we'll be bringing HHK there for the official after-party for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

in other news, and as some of you might have heard, our venue, Rothko, is now closed for good. we were very sad to hear this, but remain very greatful to the venue, it's staff, and it's owner, Rory Maher, for the time they allowed us to host HHK there. we loved it.

what does this mean for HHK?

a NEW home. where? not sure yet. luckily for you, the HHK team are a group of very resourceful people, who are already on the case for finding a great new home for HHK's monthly event. as always, stay tuned for news on this... we'll give you plenty of advance notice.

no, it won't be at the delancey. nope. don't worry.

rip rothko.


Monday, May 08, 2006

one special summer.

as many of you know, our normal venue, Rothko, is currently closed for renovations. so to keep things fresh until it's ready to open it's doors once again, we have lined up a couple of very special editions of HHK for the month's of June & July.

June's edition of HHK (*note, for June & July, HHK will not be on the first Friday of the month):

Saturday, June 24th, 2006. Hip Hop Karaoke will take place @ Southpaw in Brooklyn. This will also be the official after-party for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (starring Big Daddy Kane, Lupe Fiasco, the Procussions, & more!). Sign-up will be @ 9pm, and the show will start around 10pm. There is a very minimal cover charge for this one of $5. Stay tuned to the blog for some ticket give-aways to both the Festival AND the after-party!

Thursday, July 20th, 2006. Hip Hop Karaoke will take place aboard the Half Moon, as part of the annual Rocks Off Concert Cruise Series!!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for this one... Hip Hop Karaoke, on the water, while experiencing breath-taking views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and more?!? dayyam.

so yea, call us crazy... but we're ready to deliver the illest summer ever... Hip Hop Karaoke style.

hit us up with questions.

dj "not ever deejay'ing HHK from a booth again" wex.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


wow. i'm not going to lie, last night left me (and i think i speak for digs & jay too) completely SPENT. upon coming to the Delancey at 9:30pm, digs and i were a little apprehensive. we were definitely out of our normal element. we normally have rothko completely to ourselves on HHK nights. which means we get a full load-in, hour long soundcheck, etc etc. this was not going to be the case tonight at the delancey. when we arrived, the placed was already packed full of b&t peoples, which made getting our 400 records into the club a bit difficult. "excuse me. excuuuuse me. EXCUSE ME! GET OUT THE WAY!!" so then, i setup my records in the upstairs dj booth, to get ready to dj our sign-up period, and found that only one turntable was working... yikes. got that fixed quickly enough, though. after i started playing some KANE... the b&t people started clearing out... and our good-vibe-sending HHK crowd started piling in (was so good seeing ya'll) and hopefully enjoyed the 2 hours of classics i played.

then the real fun began... time to move all of the records downstairs (complete with loud band playing) and start figuring out the crap dj booth that was awaiting me. guess what? fucking both turntables weren't working. YIKES. plus the band still had to get their gear off of the stage, which they seemed to be taking their sweet time doing. needless to say, i was stressed. but then, things started improving. RICK, our fantastic photographer, came over to the booth (when i had clearly given up hope on the t'tables being operational) and took charge. he lifted up the mixer, exposing a stupid button that had to be pressed to get the signals flowing correctly (why such a button would even exist, i have no idea) ... but, boom, ready to go! thanks rick!

from here on out... with exception to a few things, the show was actually a great success. the crowd was thick, the vibe hype, and the performances were on-point! thanks in large part to you guys... who, even though the venue was new (and last minute), the show was late, and the setup a bit, how do you say, different (digs rockin' the stage solo this time around) ... still came out to support in large numbers... and really moved the crowd correctly. seriously, we have the best crowd that i think any party/show in the city has... really can't thank you guys enough. was a lot of fun... can't wait for next month.

much love.


Monday, May 01, 2006


Hip Hop Karaoke has been moved to THE DELANCEY for this Friday night!

It's super close to Rothko, so the commute is the same. If you've never been to The Delancey, it's a great spot and will be a lot of fun for HHK.

Things will be a little different time wise. Doors & signup are still at 10pm. Signup will occur in the venue's main bar area from 10pm until we start, at midnight. DJ Wex will be on the wheels during signup, as usual, so you'll be hearing that true golden era steez... as usual. At midnight, when the HHK show starts, we'll move the party downstairs, to the bar's venue room. Simple as that.

Why are we moving this Friday night's HHK?

Well, due to city mandated maintenance, our venue, Rothko, is currently closed for business. We're being told by the clubs owner that the venue will likely be closed for a month while the maintenance is being done. It's nothing too serious, but when the city says you have to do something, you have to do it. Once the maintenance is complete, we'll be back at Rothko doing what we do best.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at:

dj wex