Friday, February 24, 2006

In Its Purest Form

As you can probably tell from our song list, we got a bit of that purist vibe when it comes to hip-hop. So when I read about this cat who hosts freestyle battles on the last car of the Queens-bound E train every other Sunday in Metro (That free paper you read on your way to work), I get all warm and gooey.

Bringing that beat back — on the E train

Our next event is a week away. Have you been practicing?? Reminder that the sign-up is first come, first serve. I know this is hip-hop but we actually start this part on time so the earlier you get here, the quicker you'll get up. Doors open at 10. See ya next week!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

so here it is.

the new website for Hip Hop Karaoke NYC is here. what do you think?

first of all, a BIG GIANT HUGE 'THANK YOU' to Evan Cony. Evan has been hard at work for a couple months now designing & writing the code for this new site of ours and we couldn't have asked for a better person to handle it for us. we're seriously appreciative.

the site itself is basically very similar content-wise as the old site. you still have the songs, the lyrics, the photo galleries, the blog (duh), the press, etc. We did update/add the about us & contact pages though. There'll be some kinks for us to work out in the coming days, but overall, this is going to be our new look for a while.

We definitely want to hear some feedback from you on the new site... so either post here or hit us up on our new contact page... or as always, at

more later fools.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

happy post valentines day.

a couple news bits concerning valentine's day:

- mos def has 5 kids! and not only that, 2 of 'em cost him 10 g's a month! and not only that... he's only paying 8!
- ghostface killah has a new video coming out that deals with love lost (and physically hurt). it's ooooookay.... but i would have loved to see something like what down with the king did... and for the albums mixtape single, "be easy", instead.
- kool g. rap has feelings about love.

hope you all had a nice valentine's day. mine was good... i saw the wu-tang clan and turned 26.

in HHK news... we're just about ready to launch our new site. any minute now! so be on the lookout for that. there's also a lot more exciting stuff up our sleeves for the coming months... and we'll be sure to keep you all posted.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

R.I.P. J. Dilla

Monday, February 06, 2006

Wild like rock stars....

Who smash guitars...

Friday played out like an old Tony Touch mixtape. 50 "mc's" signed up (43 performed). Simply bananas.

Those that got on stage, those that came to watch, we can't thank you enough.

As for the show, to quote Jay below, "wow". Let's face it, at this point, people are putting in better performances than some of the artists they're covering.

The show stoppers were definitely Keith and Matt's Geto Boys segment, and Mikaela, Sabrina, and co. doing "It Takes Two" and "The Humpty Dance".. There were more people on stage than The E Street Band and Earth, Wind, and Fire combined.

The HHK veterans all came out and did their thing.. Brother Jim made his triumphant return with "Intergalactic", Tanya (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) flipped "Ya Mama", Jon had the "awwww" moment of the night during "PSA",then set the record for most shout outs following a HHK performance (the previous record was zero), Van baptised "911 is a Joke" (I'm still looking for the clock homie), Charlie did his thing on the GangStarr classic "You Know My Steez", Goodwin brought the night to a close at 2:30am with "Renegade", and this paragraph would not be complete without mentioning Abe's return to the "Brooklyn Zoo".. Also worth noting that if this was Little League, Abe would be pulling in every sportsmanship award..If it was school, he'd be getting an "E" in "works well with others"...Dude is in the front row supporting everyone like Kane and Rakim formed a super group on stage.

Dashaun killed "Juice"..He also became somewhat of a hired gun throughout the evening, aiding on a couple of tracks...He also made reference to hooking me up with a Warriors t-shirt, and I will take him up on that offer (I'm an XL)..Jeff is cementing his status as Professor B.I.G. after "Dead Wrong"..Speaking of B.I.G, have to give praise due to Derek for "Ten Crack Commandments"..Lyrical Arsonist's dedication to Idaho potatoes (Ms.Fat Booty) came off flawless as well..And Robert Downey (look in the pics'll be able to pick him out) slayed "Life's A Bitch"..

People are definitely going deeper into the catalogue now, and we had some songs make their debut..Che and Von Pea killed "Touch The Sky" (VP also dropped some Buckshot verses with Shadow on one of my faves, "Crooklyn"), Manny did his thing on "Made You Look" (still can't believe that's the first time that song has been done), Birin blessed "California Love",and Davina, god bless her, at 1:40am became the first person to do "Shadowboxin" (of course bro and sis had to come up and bless "Step Into A World" as well)..

Damn this thing is looooooooooong.. Let me give honorable mentions to Joe for "Dwyck", Miguel for "Money Ain't A Thing", Amy for "Mr.Wendal", Mickey and Walt for "Pop Goes The Weasel", Joell for "99 Problems", Chris for "They Want Efx", Bess and Emily with "I Got A Man", Erick with "Lose Yourself", TGREX for "Electric Relaxation", Dax for "Paul Revere", Dave for "Warning", Chuck for "G Thang", Kev for "Next Movement", Ed for "Shook Ones", Adele for "Get Down", Cheyenne for "Passin' Me Bye", Bishara with "Eric B Is President", Dave with "The What", and James and friends with the 2:15am "Scenario" wake up call.

Truly a great night...

Thanks again people..

Josh Diggedy

Friday, February 03, 2006


see you at Rothko fools!

like i said below... we have a bunch of free stuff being given away tonight, so get there early for it.

also, the weather is supposed to be 51 degrees and clear... can't ask for much better than that in February. speaking of... where the hell is our winter? i mean, don't get me wrong, i fucking hate it and all... but this years version of winter is just a wee bit confusing for me.

ok, so in keeping with the giving mood i'm in... here is a some royal advice... if you see anybody walking around selling "the best of big daddy kane mix by j.period"... pick it up with the quickness. it's serious. 57 tracks.

see you tonight... be good.