Tuesday, November 25, 2008


hi all,

wanted to give you a rundown of what the hell is happening with HHK...

the guys and i are currently scouting out the next home for the monthly HHK events. we haven't decided on anything just yet, but we should have an idea of where we're going to end up by the new year. so check back in on www.hiphopkaraokenyc.com often and look for the big update. if we had to guess, the next HHK should be in Feb of 2009.

we should also have some other exciting news in the near future, non-new home related, that you should also stay tuned for.

'09 should be a fun one.



Saturday, November 15, 2008

Goodbye Knitt.

First of all, I don't want to take any shine from what I think is my favorite "Weekend @ Diggedys" post ever. Great job, Diggedy. Love that story, love those songs.

But with that said, I feel that I need to say a proper goodbye to an NYC INSTITUTION of nightlife, The Knitting Factory. You will be missed. Without the Knitt, there will be a large void left in the NYC live music scene. A great size, all ages capable venue, multiple rooms, great staff, and years upon years of memorable shows.

Where will HHK end up, you ask? Well, honestly, we're not really sure yet. You could say that we're internet dating with possible future mates right now. or something. But yea, like Newmie said in the email blast, we're not going away anytime soon. and we even have a few fun things up our sleeve for 2009.

Long story short: Come out tonight. Get on-stage. You won't have another chance to rock the mic at HHK on the Knitting Factory stage. So don't stay in. Don't let your girl/guy talk you into a movie night. Don't go to Boston Market in Woodside, Queens and stuff yourself so full that you can't even think about moving off the couch. Instead, come to the Knitting Factory at 10pm and say goodbye with us.

See you there.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 75

The 75th WAD arrives on the eve of the end of HHK at the Knitt...

It's been a pleasure and an honor to rock this venue over the past two years...It has played host to many a legend in all musical genres...

It has always held a very special place in my heart....

What's that?? Time for a Diggedy story?!?!?! OKAY!!!

Summer of '96.. I'm 18 years old.. Last week before I head off to college for my freshman year.. The Roots are having a 3 night stand at the Knitting Factory.. Get tickets to the first show.. Something like $12.. Talk about getting your money's worth.. The Roots played for a good 3 hours with my groupie *ss in the front row.. Towards the end of the show, Rahzel is doing his thing, when he holds out the mic and says "who wants to rhyme".. This kid jumps up and raps.. Leaves.. Again, "who wants to rhyme".. Now at this point, you could count my public appearances as an emcee on one hand.. Freestyling in public? Forget about it.. I had zero intentions of going up there.. My d*ckhead friends grab me, and shove me up on stage.. So there I am.. Roots crew.. Rahzel.. Black Thought.. Thought goes to give me the mic, stops, looks at me and says "are you gonna kill it?"... It's been 12 years, so over time in my mind my response on that stage was "oh no doubt".. I'm sure in actuality was more like "i'll try".. Band starts playing..I start kicking the first written I ever wrote... "Spontaneously I come bust on the scene/Back in the saddle like Autry comma Gene/Every bar is crucial or the verse becomes tainted/if a pic......" Now, what was supposed to come out of my mouth was "if a picture's worth a thousand words my lyrics must be painted".. That's not what came out of my mouth, though... Wanna know what did? The gum in my mouth that I completely forgot I was chewing on because I had no idea when I unwrapped it 20 minutes ago I'd be on stage shortly.. The gum fell squarely on the mic... What do I do? Freeze? Try and finish the verse? Run off the stage never to be seen again? Cry? All of them were a very real possibility, but it ended up being a turning point in my life.. I just started freestyling off the top and ended up getting love from the crowd.. I'm confident in saying that it was probably my worst freestyle ever.. I started off by saying "the gum fell out my mouth I'm so embarrassed/and I've never sexually harrassed a girl.." I kept going.. Probably tried to rhyme "orange" with "bicycle".. But at the end of the day, I was incredibly proud of myself.. Not an HHK goes by where I don't think back to 18 year old Diggedy on that stage with the Roots 12 years earlier..

And so tomorrow night I.. You.. All of us.. Get to live it one more time.

I know I can't wait.

And on that note, the choice cuts for this Friday, November 14th...

Royce Da 5'9" - "Shake This"

Other Guy and Wex are reading this right now going "I knew he'd post this".. Why? Because I have been playing it and talking about it every hour on the hour since my boy Hiram hit me off with it a couple of days ago.. Primo's on the beat.. The track is just bananas.. I think I might like it more than "Boom".. Hard to compare the two.. "Boom" is a certified classic.. I just think this is a different side of Royce and Primo absolutely murdered the beat.. Download it!

De La Soul - "I Am I Be"

My favorite group.. My favorite song of theirs.. My favorite line: "And if I was a rug cleaner, betcha Pos would have the cleanest rugs.. I am"..

Big Daddy Kane - "Stop Shammin'"

Of course I had to post a Kane song, what with his big 20th anniversary show tonight at BB King's.. Your boy Diggedy will be in the building.. Come by and buy me a drink...BB's can be expensive! This is off of Looks Like A Job For... I thought this track was DOPE as f*ck.. Love that bassline..

I hope to see you ALL tomorrow.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I take..... with me the memories.........to BE MY SUNSHINE.... after the rain.....

It's so hard.....

to say goodbye.....

to HHK (at the Knitt).


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Farewell Knitting Factory NYC

That's right, folks. If you haven't heard already, Knitting Factory is sadly shutting its doors on its Manhattan location shortly. We've had a great 28-month streak there (an eternity for NYC nightlife) and have rocked 24 memorable (to us, at least) nights. Now it's time to end this chapter of the HHK saga. Fret not, though. We're like the cockroach of hip-hop. You can keep blowing stuff up, but we always find a way to survive, and 2009 is shaping up to be our biggest year yet. We'll let you know our future plans later but for now, come celebrate with us this Saturday. It's time to get all your friends who told you, "I'll go to the next one" out for Saturday.

Hip Hop Karaoke: Last Knitting Factory Show EVER.
Knitting Factory (74 Leonard St. between Church and Broadway)
Saturday, November 15
Doors/Sign-up at 10
Show at 11

Feel free to forward this along, blog this, and post to Mybook, Facespace and Compuserve. See ya there!