Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Version 41.5

Why the .5?

Because RDJ had a guerilla Weekend at Diggedy's posting last Friday that was NOT sanctioned by myself OR HHK.

I was off in Turkey neverland that weekend, and hoped that the world would respect my privacy at this time of familial holiday gatherings and such.

99.999999% did. I even received "good for you for taking the week off!" e-mails from several fans.

So when I signed on and saw a posting of 3 tracks in the comment section that were not my own, I became despondent. I spent the remaining days of my weekend bunkered in my room under a blanket listening to Tom Petty's greatest hits.

Today, when it was time to add MY newest installment, 41 just didn't feel right. Didn't feel pure. Someone had already taken my 41. But I wasn't ready for 42 yet. So here I again on my own. Going down the only road I've ever known..

And on that note, here are the choice cuts for this Friday, November 30th.*

* = This week marks the beginning of an all new era of Weekend at Diggedy's. Do you remember in Major League when Bob Uecker says "In case you haven't noticed, and judging by the attendace you haven't...". Well, judging by the download counts, no one is downloading sh*t. I don't really care about the comments. I just wanted people to listen to some good music. I've tried to make it palatable to everyone, throw some treats from known artists you may or may not have had. But no. They complain about the state of hip hop in 2007, and don't bother to download the treats I'm giving them. What's your point Diggedy? Are you shutting the blog down? Hell no. From now on, I'm posting sh*t I feel like reminiscing about. I don't care if I'm talking out loud to myself. Ask Wex and Jay. I talk just so I can hear my own voice. This ain't nothing new. xoxo

Black Rob - "Live From The Eastside"

There's a 45 second intro. K Slay yelling in the beginning of the song and the end. Same beat that Beanie Sigel used. This is a few years old. But Rob KILLS it. Just a fresh track. Guess this was on a mix tape. It could have been recorded with a headphone being used as a mic and people banging pots and pans in the background. Nothing could kill this song for me. Download it!

Big Red feat Diamond - "How They Want It"

I heard this song once on Stretch and Bob and taped it. For about 6 years I had no idea that there was another dude on the song. They just played the Diamond verse. Not only did they play it, but they brought it back like every 5 seconds. "Hey yo bust it, I make that shit that clocks"... Over and over again.. You get to the next line, boom, they bring it back again. I cannot listen to this original version without getting this nervous twitch expecting someone to bring the beat back. Downloading the original is also when I realized that there was another cat on the track. So there. Download it! If Anthony Mason likes Diamond, so can you fool.

Souls of Mischief - "Step To My Girl"

When I was a kid, any sort of dis towards Del was fighting words. That dude was my favorite rapper, period. I had to get like 5 copies of I Wish My Brother George Was Here because I kept wearing the tape out. A Hiero head was born. Obviously "93 Til Infinity" is an undeniable Hip Hop classic, but when I heard the full length, it was game over. I don't think I have EVER been as disappointed with an artist from one album to the next as much as I was with Souls. I loved the debut LP THAT much. It was bananas. Not a skippable track on the whole thing. After I heard it, I heard this demo and just flipped over it. It's ridiculous. I remember listening to this very track on a cassette tape that I still have, and saying to myself that these dudes will never ever ever ever ever make a wack track. It's fresh, and you need to download it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

And I hope you know I'm just kidding Mate.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

won't you be...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

HHK on Current TV!

An amazing piece on Hip Hop Karaoke started airing on Current TV last week!

This clip is one of the best pieces to capture what we all do at HHK yet. I've watched it like 46 times. The piece follows around Axiom on the day of a HHK and also catches a few of you doing what you do best... you'll see Emily, Doni D, Kev, Charlie, an Ax shoutout to RDJ, etc etc.

take a look for yourself:

For those of you don't know, Current TV is a global television network that gives you the opportunity to create and influence what airs on TV. BIG shouts to Barion at Current for making this happen and for making it so damn fresh.


Monday, November 19, 2007

nov 2nd photos are up!


caption all of them.


download this song:

Rakim - Run "Freestyle" (subject matter - the story behind his no-show at the roseland ballroom ghostface show a couple years back)

ok thanks

dj wex.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Caption This!

So I've decided to do a weekly Caption This! segment for the hell of it. This'll presumably run until I get bored or lazy. Every week, we'll dig through the HHK picture vaults and hopefully come up with some gold. Leave ya captions in the comments and away we go...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 40


I'm crazy busy.


Another edition of Weekend At Diggedy's featuring Nicki.

Bon appetit!

Shaq, Black Thought, and Common - "In The Sun"

Upon receiving the mp3, Nicki says "Shaq as in O'Neal?" Once confirmed, she responds "oh LORD. can i give my review now? it sucked." Now Nicki, that's not nice. Give it a genuine listen. "In The Sun is a decent song when Common and Black Thought are rapping but is instantly ruined by Shaq. Maybe if i didn't know it was him, i wouldn't notice the change but i do and it does. So in the end, i'm left with an all around "eh" feeling."

I guess I kind of agree. It's still nice, though. Harmless Hip Hop over a sunny beat. And I hope you liked that I gave you purple font baby.

Cenobites - "Kick A Dope Verse"

Nicki : i really liked Kick a Dope Verse. The trumpet sounded really smooth and original AND added to the underground "garage band" feel of the song.
Diggedy : um.. garage band?
Nicki: yep
Diggedy : Ok... what did you think of the second verse? do you know who that was?
Nicki : no
Diggedy : Bobbito! You should know my heroes!!
Nicki : I do. IDIOT!

She says the sweetest things m'lady...

Das Efx - "Dum Dums"

Dum Dums, though a lyrically crass song, has a very entertaining storyline and the sample is fun. I have a whole new respect for hookers now. tee hee

Yes folks. She wrote "tee hee" knowing it would be on a blog for the world to see.

God bless her.

And you.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Caption This!


HHK November pics will be posted shortly but for now, what is Diggedy thinking here? Prize to best caption (Prize = people laughing at their monitors.)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 39

And I'm back with another one.

Hard to believe I've been doing this every week for almost 10 months.

Wex originally said to me, "Do you have enough music to keep this going?"

The answer is "yes", but it's not easy. It's not like I'm going to post "It Ain't Hard To Tell", or "Mistadobalina." I try to upload some stuff you might not have heard.

I'd like to start getting into random tracks off of albums, but that would require me going home (folks home) and uploading some of those cd's.

One day. Until then, I'll just keep going through my mp3's and posting what I feel like posting.

And you'll love it.

Or at the very least tolerate it.

And on that note, the choice tracks for this gloomy Friday, November 9th :

Too Short feat Erick Sermon, MC Breed, Kool Ace - "Buy You Some"

Have to thank for this one. I had this on one of my pause tapes for the last decade or so. They just posted it up, and I felt like sharing. This is like the flavor track that brings people like Wex and I together. I heart EPMD, Wex heart's Too Short. Years before we had ever met, we knew this track was the sh*t. Now you can take it home for the low,low price of free. DOWNLOAD IT!

The Roots feat Peedi Peedi - "Long Time" (live at MTVU)

I just wanted an excuse to post this song. So, since it's a live version, here it is. I'm not going to get into a huge Roots breakdown here. I'll always be a fan of the group, but up until Things Fall Apart, they could do no wrong. Everyone has their favorite album, and as much as I love Do You Want More, I just think that Things was a perfect storm of greatness. After that, I don't know what happened. I'm all for experimenting, etc, so I'm not complaining about wanting to switch things up. I get it. At the same time, though, if I'm not feeling it, I'm not feeling it. So, each time they put out a new album, I listen to it, but I'm not moved either way really. I haven't felt like I loved OR hated anything. Finally, I experienced a pre '99 Roots moment when the new album dropped and I heard "Long Time." You have no idea how many times I have bumped this song. If ipod's were cassettes, the tape would have broke. It's a great song. Peedi killed it. Hopefully you've heard it before, but either way, here's a cool live version. DOWNLOAD IT!

Heavy D featuring Third Eye, Guru, Biggie, Rob O, Busta Rhymes - "A Buncha"

Classic. Say no more.

Have a good weekend people.

GO G-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

new sh*t.

first of all - thank you to the big crowd that came out last night. as always, we appreciate the love & support.

that will be the last HHK we do of 2007. so to any of you we won't get to see, have happy holidays, be safe, eat a lot, and buy your dang ticket to hang out with us again on January 25th.

photos from last night should be up on the site within a week. so check back.

here's some new videos to check out in our multimedia section of the site:

Scenario Remix

Charlie & Ax - Ante Up


K-Dot - Men at Work

Scooter - Passin' Me By



dj wex.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 38

This is the end, my friends.................for 2007.

Tonight's the night to get it all out of your system. Come on down to the Knitt and get your emcee on one more time.

HHK will be back before you know it..

Until then, buy tickets to the HHK Championship! They make tremendous stocking stuffers. They compliment side dishes on Thanksgiving! Want to say that special something to that special someone? Nothing says "I love you baby" like a ticket to January 25th at the HighLine Ballroom.

We WILL have hard tickets tonight to sell at face value (no fees). Come find us at the show tonight if you'd like to grab yours now.

Hope everyone had a glorious Halloween. Here is me getting my Doc on :

Is there a better way to segway into the choice cuts for this Friday, November 2nd?

Me thinks not....

Jay Z featuring Nas - "Success"

Love the organs on this... NO ID ON THE BEAT KID! This is going to be on American Gangster, which I've already heard mixed reviews on. Jay is generally a smart dude, but I think he's made several bad decisions since his "retirement". If you want to play the whole "Let's make a huge deal out of the retirement.. Leave the game on top.. Leave them wanting more..", then return to the game like Jordan, fine. But this has been Washington Wizards Jordan, not "I'm done with baseball" Jordan. Regardless, I think this is a dope cut. Download it!

Sticky Fingaz - "Jackin For Beats"

This is an old track inspired by Ice Cube's. Geez, I think it's about 7-8 years old at this point. Anyway, it's pretty dope. Sticky doing his b-boy stance all over that years hits. Download it!

Digable Planets - "9th Wonder"
I wasn't really a Digable fan growning up, but I absolutely loved this song and video. There was a good three month period where I couldn't stop saying "Now you see that I'm 68 inches above sea level / 93 million miles above these devils". If you listen closely, it kind of has the same melody as "Verbal Intercourse". Those songs being 2 of my favorites, this beat is basically the only thing I can attempt to play on a piano other than the them from Beverly Hills Cop.