Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 52

And your boy is back with another one.

Saw Brother Ali at Bowery last night. Very dope show. Next time he's coming through your 'hood, I highly recommend checking it out.

Many of you know I am Kanye superfan number 1. However, I am not going to the show at the garden. Some things you just have to stop and say, "Hey. I don't need to spend $154 on this." Although I'm sure that same week I'll have one of those days where I drop $25 to see a shitty movie, then go drop $30 on drinks, and $20 on a cab, and $75 on a replica Mike Pagliarulo jersey. So I guess it all evens out. Right? Baseball season starts for the Yankees Monday and I could give two sh*ts. They're all on steroids and f*cking Jose Canseco's wives, so who gives a sh*t anymore. Someone wake me when the NFL starts up again.

WTF am I even talking about at this point?

Oh yeah.

The choice cuts...
for this...
FRIDAY, MARCH 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fat Joe - "That White"

Which angle should I even take for this one? The fact that this is the return of DITC Fat Joe raps? Or the fact that this is the first time in a while I said "OH SHIT PRIMO YOU DONE DID IT WITH THIS ONE!". F*cking ridiculous track. And if you aren't downloading it already, then just hand in your Georgetown starter cap.

Hard 2 Obtain - "Hip Hop Lifestyle"

This is one of those groups that every time you say you love them, someone is quick to say they weren't all that. That their "legacy" has become something more than it really is because people are reaching for underrated 90's gems. What can I say? I was a fan of the album, and I was a fan of all of the b-sides and unreleased I heard. This is one of those tracks, with the ill Krs sample. Here's a link to the video that introduced me to the group one late night as a kid watching Yo! MTV Raps : ("LI Groove").

Nine - "Lyin' King"

The only song to my knowledge that starts over again so that the emcee can transform into his more "known" voice. This was a great track off of Cloud 9, especially considering the era in which it was dropped. He's aiming at many emcees on this one (without naming names). Dopeness. Download it.

Have a good weekend all.

Happy birthday Axiom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


this will be airing here & there on NYCTV Channel 25... look out for it.

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 51

Back from Texas, and WAD is back in action...

Did you miss me?

How's your brackett doing? Mine's ok. 13 out of 16 last night. Duke eeked it out, which was kind of a tough one to figure out emotionally. Do I root for them to win to save my brackett? Or do I enjoy them being knocked off by a 15 seed? In the end, I decided that Mike Kryzkkdskfksdjfslkjw;lkrje;rlkjerlkwjski isn't going to put me in the game, so I don't mean d*ck to the outcome. Just watch it Diggs. Watch it, let it unfold, and enjoy.

While travelling, I had the ipod on shuffle and about 25 songs came on that made me say "ohhhhhhhh sh*t, this is perfect for the next WAD!". Now? I can't remember any of them.

So, I just scoured the collection and pulled up the first three tracks that I felt like putting the fingers to the keys for.

Ladies and fellas, I present the choice cuts for this wiiiiiiiiiiiiindy March, 21st. For the lucky few who read this blog early, you were able to download all 3 tracks. For those of you checking now, you missed out on the one I had to take down.

The Roots featuring Mos Def & Styles P - "Rising Down"

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. I hate leaking something I myself just caught off of a leak. But this track is BONKERS. I f*cks with this big time. I shouldn't even say anymore. Ya'll know the name. Josh f*cking Diggedy ain't a damn thing changed. Trust it. Download it!

Rhymefest - "Bullet"

How could we not give some shine to the only emcee to have an encore performance at HHK? This is probably my favorite track off of Blue Collar. I was always a fan of the Citizen Cope track that is sampled here. Love the way 'Fest flipped it. Definitely recommend copping the album if you don't have it already. His live show is sick too.

That's it people.

If Western Kentucky and San Diego win today, the people in my pool will have to start referring to me as G.O.A.T. (copyright LL. Don't want any Canibus-like beef here over a compliment homey).

Have a good weekend and Easter people.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is a Public Service Announcement...

...for those who didn't already know. March pics are up for your amusement.

Monday, March 17, 2008


The HHK Crew will be delivering hi-quality photos from March 8th shortly. In the meantime, what's Digs whispering to Rhymefest? Best answer in the Comments wins, um, our respect.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume WEX

here's the scoop for those of you tuning in to read Weekend at Diggedy's -

Diggedy is in Texas. he may even be lost.

sooooo... i'm going to *try* and fill his shoes for today only.

let's go.

The Grouch - Simple Man

i've always been a big Grouch fan. hell, if i was a rapper, i'd call myself the same thing. side story, this year at the office "secret santa" gift exchange, i was the proud recipient of a Gargamel action figure & a Grumpy Dwarf action figure. yeah. anyway, The Grouch - he's a member of the west coast super group the Living Legends crew. i came across this song in college and always identified with it. the beat is super simple (like the man), super bangin, and sounds good real loud. plus my favorite lynyrd skynyrd song has the same title. so it's got that going for it too. HELLA DOWNLOAD IT!

AZ - Seems That Way

i've also always been a really big AZ fan. i think he's one of the most gifted technical rappers ever. sure, sometimes his taste in r&b'ish hooks can be questionable. but hell, we all make mistakes. when his flow is on... it's ON. same can be said for his taste in beats. and on this one, i think he really hit it out the park. it's a feel good summertime kinda jam. DOWNLOAD IT IN TIME FOR SUMMER!!

Masterminds - Stone Planet

this is one of those songs that i stumbled across somewhere along the lines, but don't remember when, where, or why. nor did i ever check out anything else they did. i think Diggedy has the full album that this song appears on and... i think... he loves it. don't know. anyway, this one is up-tempo, energetic, and flowalicious. classic material, if i do say so myself. DOWNLOAD IT AND LISTEN TO IT EXERCISING!! ha.

take care everybody & have a great weekend.

dj wex.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saturday Night!

if you're around on Saturday night, you can catch me, dj wex, spinning at the FREE Black Sheep show at Highline Ballroom. i'll be deejaying starting at doors and in-between sets.

you have to get advance tickets from ticketweb (techically $.01).

click this for details:

Best of Biggie.

first of all, thank you to everybody that came out to our 2nd Annual Biggie Tribute edition of HHK last Saturday night.

we had the Knitting Factory PACKED with good people, good vibes, and some great performances.

hats off to everyone, especially those who tackled Biggie songs.

speaking of, we're a bit overdue to announce the winner of the contest for the best B.I.G. performance of the night. thanks for your patience - we're ready.

drum roll please....

ladies and gentlemen, the winner was chosen by the trusted firm of Wexington, Diggedalia, & Newmanity...

and the winner of the Ms. Wallace book, Biggie CD/DVD, and 2 FREE tickets to the upcoming EPMD, Naughty By Nature, Lords of the Underground, & OC show on April 25 at the Nokia Theatre (breath!) goes tooooooooooooooooooooooooo-

MR. BEATS for his performance of "Kick in the Door"!
give it up party people!

Mr. Beats, you know how to reach us... so please get in-touch about claiming your prizes.

thanks again everybody... see you on April 4.

dj wex.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rhymefest at HHK

One of the other guys (Not to be confused with "Other guy") will be up with a recap and the announcement of the winner of the Biggie contest shortly. In the interim, some of you may remember Rhymefest fighting his way through "Brooklyn Zoo" at the 2006 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Last night, the rapper made a surprise appearance last night and told HHK he's spent the last 18 months locked in his spot, 23 hours a day, studying the lyrics to conquer the song. Check it:

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hip Hop Lives.



You know what... I'm not going to even write anything. I'm going to let XXL Magazine sum it up, as they've already done it so beautifully:

Hip Hop Lives...

For this weekend I suppose some of you meatwads are cranking your illegal downloads of Biggie Smalls catalog in celebration of his death. I wish that Hip-Hop didn’t have such a love for celebrating the day that our artists are taken from us. Instead we should celebrate their birth or at least the release date of their classic albums.

In the case of Biggie I don’t think we celebrate his passing as much since I bump Biggie shit all year long. Lord knows how many times we hear his verses quoted wholesale in Jay-Z lyrics. If you are in NYC this weekend and you are a Notorious B.I.G. fan I invite you to partake in Hip-Hop Karaoke’s annual tribute to the legend.

Hip-Hop Karaoke is actually saving Hip-Hop. Imagine if you can, a few hundred people in a room that all love the essence of Hip-Hop’s rap music. People sign up and get on stage and attempt to go line for line with their favorite rap songs. Hip-Hop Karaoke reminds me why I love rap music in the first place. The lyrical dexterity of some of the greatest rappers can’t be truly appreciated until you attempt to perform their song in front of five hundred people.

I’m not just talking about a song from Twista, which is nearly impossible to duplicate, but try to recite any random Kool G Rap song or even Busta’s most energetic anthems and you will see that real good rap music is done by professionals. Hip-Hop Karaoke is like church in a way because it brings people together on some spiritual shit. For last years’ B.I.G. tribute O.C. came through and did a few songs including ‘Unbelievable’.

The best part of Hip-Hop Karaoke is that it is the ONLY Hip-Hop party in NYC that is totally FREE on a Saturday night. You can’t beat that with a baseball bat. So if you are in the mood to convene with a few hundred like-minded Hip-Hop fans you should come up from your parent’s basement and into Manhattan tomorrow night. My fat ass may even get on stage and do ‘Juicy’.

R.I.P. Biggie Smalls.

Hip-Hop Karaoke
Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St., NYC
Saturday, March 8
Doors/Sign-up @ 10, show at 11
As always, FREE to enter, FREE to sign-up

massive props to XXL for being one of a few who really "get it". thank you.

see you tonight,


Friday, March 07, 2008

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 50

This could not have been timed any better.

Tomorrow night marks the LOOOOOOOOOOONG awaited return of Hip Hop Karaoke. It's been basically 4 months since we threw down with a normal event.

What better way to celebrate than by having the 50TH edition of Weekend at Diggedy's???

I was going to have some of the artists I have featured drop by the blog and say "hello", but they didn't respond to my letters. Maybe next time I won't use the My Little Pony stamps.

So it's just me, a Peach Arizona Iced Tea, a computer, and a dream.

Without futher adieu, the choice cuts for this Friday, March 7th...

LL Cool J - "Ill Bomb"

This originally dropped on a Funk Flex / Big Kap album. Then I think it was a bonus cut on LL's G.O.A.T album. DJ Scratch murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrders the beat. Probably one of my top 5 favorite LL tracks. Definitely my favorite LL track this century (sorry "Headsprung"). Vintage. Download it.

Mic Geronimo featuring OC and Royal Flush - "Men vs. Many"

Queens and Brooklyn unite on this delicious track off of The Natural. This got hella play in the walkman. This here team is what motherphuckas dream for. Download it!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "It's Not A Game"

Ahhhhhhhh.. One of my favorite groups.. This was an unreleased cut of pure goodness. The kids from the Vernon do have the flavor. Unfortunately, they won't be making any more italian ices. Their reunion show at SOB's might be my favorite concert moment in the last 10 years. And I am not easily pleased people.

That's it, that's all. More tracks, less talky.

Thanks for stopping by the WAD 50th Celebration.

It's been an amazing ride.

Here's to 50 more.

See you tomorrow.

Or not.

Up to you.

No pressure.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

biggie smalls is the illest.

what? where? who??!!

yes yes, in preparation for this Saturdays Biggie Tribute edition HHK, wex wednesdays is here with some of MY favorite BIG lines of all-time (in no particular order, of course):

well, wait, before i even do this... let me say, it's very difficult just to point to certain lines. his writing was so intricate, that most lines that you pull out of context don't give justice to the whole verse, or section of the verse. but i'll try my best to look at a few that always get me...

1. We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us, No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us
2. Biggie Smalls is the wickedest/****** say im p*ssy/i dare you to stick ya d*ck in this
3. I got seven mack 11’s, about eight 38’s, Nine 9’s, ten mack tens, the shits never ends/You can’t touch my riches/Even if you had mc hammer and them 357 b*tches
4. Ya still tickle me, I used ta be as strong as Ripple be, till Little Cease crippled me/Now I play hard-like my girls nipples be/The games sour like like a pickle be
5. and to agree with OC - Live from Bedford Stuyvesant, the livest one/Representin BK to the fullest/Gats I pull it, bastards duckin when Big be buckin/Chickenheads be cluckin in my bathroom f*ckin

RIP, Mr. Wallace.

See everybody on Saturday! First regular HHK in a looooooooooong time, i'm expecting A-Games to be brought!

dj wex.