Friday, June 29, 2007

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 21

Sorry for the lateness.. Work is busting my ass today..

Everyone knows that nobody is doing sh*t next week, so they're cramming tons of fun into this morning and afternoon.

But enough about me.

How are you?

The Last Emperor - "Suzi Wong"

Another future star that never materialized. "Secret Wars" - his song where rappers battle comic book superheroes - is still one of the craziest tracks you will ever hear. And the Prince Paul remix is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. This is a dope track off of his shelved LP. Not really new territory in terms of the subject matter(see Tha Alkaholiks "Mary Jane"), but I think it's a dope track. I hope you think it's dope as well.

Wordsworth, C Rayz Walz, J Treads, Thirstin Howl, Vast Aire, Breezly Brewin, and MF Doom - "The Line Up" (4th Pyra mix)

An underground fan's wet dream. Everyone does their thing on the track. I saw some of these dudes performing in their infancy. At least 5/7 of these dudes should be much bigger than they are. WTF do I know, though. I'm just a karaoke host.

Killa Cam, Bloodshed, and Big L - "Harlem Nights"

Before Dipset, there was the The Children of the Corn crew. Here they are, rapping over the beat from "Juice". Not the Rakim track. The Omar Epps walking music. You know what I'm talking about. The loop that the minute you heard it you said "someone needs to sample it." It cuts off at the very end. I'm assuming he says "throat". Use your imagination. Maybe it was intentional. Maybe Big L was more ahead of his time than we realized. Maybe David Chase heard this track and let the cut off ending inspire The Sopranos season finale. Big L RIP.

Have a good weekend and a great 4th people.

We WILL be spinning at Wex Wednesday's on July 4th. Come down and watch the fireworks and whatever hip hop flicks we are screening on the wall.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

parents just don't understand (or do they?)

we know Charlie's parents are down... but... most aren't, right?

when i was a kid, my bedroom door was covered in clippings/photos from the source. my pops was not a fan of my bedroom door for this reason. but he let it slide.

i also had a friend who was a graf writer... who i had come over one day and do a full mural on one of my bedroom walls. pops let it (barely) slide. in fact, i'm pretty sure he ordered me to paint it back to normal... but then forgot about it/gave up.

i then saved up a bunch of money from afterschool jobs to furnish my bedroom with a sound system that rivals what some small clubs had. pops even helped with that, building two subwoofer enclosures for me. to this day, i'm still baffled by that.

but for the most part, i think pops was just being cool because he thought rap was going to go away. or at least go away from within me. and he definitely had his fair share of complaints about it all. but he was cool, compared to what some of you whipper snappers had to deal with.

in fact, just a couple weeks ago, and he had me put on "it was a good day" in the truck. "i havent heard this in forever". hah.

so today's Wex Wednesdays topic: top rap-music-related things parents complained about when you were a kid. was it the bass, the curse words, the attitude, etc etc

you make the list this time. comment section, go.

dj "see you tonight at angels & kings" wex.

ps. check out this wall street journal article that came out last year titled "rapping with the oldies".

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


the photos from Saturday, June 23's event at South Paw are now up on the site.

go here and look at them please.

a BIG THANK YOU to Rick Purcell for coming out and doing the damn thang, yet again.

on a separate note, tomorrow is WEX WEDNESDAYS at Angels & Kings in the East Village. come out and listen to some hip hop. Also, we're going to be having the movie JUICE up on the projector for your viewing pleasure.

click the flyer for more info:


dj wex.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

official last night thread.

let me just put this out there...

i had the most fun last night that i've had out in a looong time.

amazing vibe, great people, strong drinks, wonderful performances, etc etc.

plus it was mad fun chillin and watching everybody have such a good time listening to dj spinna rock.

YOU all are great. WE are just along for the ride.

cliche statement: hip hop is definitely in this building. in a real way.

leave your fav moments in the comments.

mine? prolly jumping around like a mad man in front of the stage while spinna played choice is yours.


deejay "brooklyn is the shit" wex.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Friday, June 22, 2007

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 20

This edition of Weekend at Diggedy's is inspired by the festivities going down tomorrow...

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival takes place, with the after party to end all after parties going on at South Paw thereafter (info beeeeeeeeeeeelow).

So, my 3 choices for this Friday, June 22nd are all Brooklyn selections...

Please to enjoy...

Boot Camp Clik - "And So"

A favorite of the Wex and Diggedy collection. When this dropped, we played it damn near every hour on the hour. If it was a record, the grooves would be destroyed. If it was a cassette, the tape would have exploded. If it was a CD, well, you get the picture (that and I don't know what happens when you play a song over and over again on a CD). DOPE ass beat, and everyone murders it. I guess it has this extra impact on me based on my childhood. Growing up, the BCC was the shit. This was high school. This was rocking backpacks outside of school. This was the lunchroom, me and Drew Boogie talking about Enta Da Stage, Dah Shinin, and Nocturnal instead of our chemistry exam. I guess my point is, when you talked Hip Hop, BCC was always on the tip of your tongue. To get into the "current state" of rap would just be a boring ass conversation that's been done a million times. But this song addresses one of my favorite crews place in the current landscape, and it's fucking fresh. DOWNLOAD IT!

Jeru - "Seinfeld"

A song about nothing. Always loved Jeru. Even when he tries to suck he's dope. "Three minutes and some change and I still ain't said none".

Special Ed - "Still Got It Made"

Always been an Ed fan. If you know me, you know I'm also a huge fan of comebacks. The underdog story. I'm always that dude checking for my favorite rapper's return hoping maybe, just maybe, they have a return to form. This song is kind of funny to me. I can't tell if I hate it, like it, or love it. There are parts where I'm like "eh", then there are parts where I find myself happy listening to some new Special Ed. Anyway, I'll let you decide. Special Ed is still the magnificent any way you slice it people.

Whether it be at the festival, or at the afterparty, hope to see you all tomorrow in the borough of Brooklyn.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


preface - diggedy, if you are going to answer this blog, you are limited to two items. i know you could go on for days and days.

but today on Wex Wednesdays, we're going to talk about the top things you miss from the 80's. it could be a TV show (shout out to the now retired Bob Barker, who really hit his stride in the 80's), a popular toy, a movie, a car, etc. what was your shit in the 80's?

for me, it was:

1) The WWF (1985-1989). classic good versus evil battles. and yo, i've been in an old wrestling kick lately, where i've found myself a) displaying my kindergarden WWF lunch box in my apt, b) netflixing the first three wrestlemanias, and c) buying the VHS (!!!) documentary on Bret Hart. as you can tell, my girlfriend is VERY happy about this.
2) Transformers - the cartoon & action figures. and i'm not gonna lie, i'm kinda amped for the new movie. it's weird how some classic things never go out of style. my 4 year old nephew sleeps with his metal Optimus Prime every night - no matter how uncomfortable that may be.
3) Nintendo (NES!). i still have mine. still have mad games. still play them once in a while. what what.

4) Football/Basketball/Baseball cards & comics. i just went down to south florida (where i'm from) and went up to my pop's attic to go thru all of this stuff. i found all sorts of gems that i had forgot about. i found my 1989 score football factory set! is that even worth anything? mad rookies in that box.
5) Mr. T. without a doubt, one of the GOAT's of the 80's. i needed me some A-Team when i got home from school. as a sidenote, T can also be connected to some of my other fav things - like 80's WWF... and Conan O'Brien (he's had some recent brilliant skits on Conan).

hopefully digs and i will see some of you tonight at Angels and Kings.

dj wex.

Monday, June 18, 2007

weekend on a monday.

it's not friday, so you know it's not time for weekend at diggedys. but close - cuz today we're bringing a special guest blogger, our man Kev, to bring his own version of the IMMENSELY POPULAR series. go ahead Kev...

Weekend at Kev’s – Volume 1.0

Yeah, this is Kev frum Brooklyn and I’m finally up on the blog. I'm a special guest by special request (read: I kept asking Wex and Diggs ‘til they gave in) so I wanna thank my boys for loaning me the blog although they may have to wrestle to get it back. Anyway, enough with the reference to Like Water for Chocolate let’s get to the music…

D&D All Stars – “1, 2, Pass It”

I have to preface this choice with a short autobiography. From ‘93 to ‘97, I went to boarding school in Massachusetts near Boston. And as nice a town as Boston is, in terms of hip-hop on the radio, let’s just say I heard the say 10 songs every hour and it included Young MC’s “Bust A Move” as part of the rotation. Because of this, I would spend any vacation back in New York sitting by the radio trying to catch up with and record (yes, as on a cassette tape) as much new music as I could. I heard this track on Marley Marl’s Future Flavas show on Hot 97 back in ‘94 and then logged countless hours sitting by the radio waiting to catch it again so I could record it on my pause-tape and have it when I went back to school. This track goes down as one of my top 5 crew records ever. It features verses by Mad Lion, Doug E. Fresh, KRS-1, Fat Joe, Smif-n-Wessun, and a killer anchor verse by Jeru the Damaja.

DOWNLOAD IT! (copyright Diggs)

Busta Rhymes featuring ODB – “Woo-Hah! Got You All in Check (Remix)”

Back before Desert Strom and Rockafella records, DJ Clue was a star on the mixtape scene (back when mixtapes really were tapes and were dubbed and distributed from a single master copy). You could even go as far as to say that he was the poster-boy for the mixtape game in NYC cause he always had the newest joints on his tapes and everybody knew his name. So I was home on a break from my quiet hip-hop-less life in Massachusetts and my cousin came over with this Clue mixtape, which I ultimately had to dub and still have to this day. On this tape was all kinds of joints and artists I hadn’t heard and then I came across a Busta Rhymes Remix. At that point, I had heard Woo-Hah! on the radio and MTV but a remix with ODB? Now that has to be interesting. Needless to say, it was more than interesting but the perfect combination of crazy “on some outta space shit like you watch Star Trek.”


Brandy featuring MC Lyte, Yo Yo, & Queen Latifah – “I Wanna Be Down (Remix)”

Okay before I get lynched for even mentioning an R&B artist on the HHK blog, I’m just saying tho, I was talking to the girls at HHK, you know, and we really don’t put enough emphasis on the ladies sometimes. You know, I was talking this girl and you know what she told me? She said she wanted to be down… Seriously tho, this track is really a hip-hop joint with Brandy singing an R&B hook. Not to mention, it is one of the few crew records that features an all female cast. Lyte, Yo, and La take this track over, put Brandy in the back and hold it down on the m-i-c for the ladies. If you were in NYC circa ’95 when this joint came out, I have no doubt that you would have heard some girl quoting lines from one of their verses on this joint.

*This track may not appeal to some of you dudes out there but then again, this track is for our hip-hop ladies so DOWNLOAD IT and share it with your lady, ladies, whatever the case may be.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 19


Just kidding.

Enough about it.

It's EVERY Wednesday now. You know about it. We know about it. HIP HOP LIKE IT USED TO BE. HIP HOP LIKE IT OUGHTA BE.

Speaking of which.

How about some choice cuts on this very special Friday, June 15th (the day before Ma Diggedy knew what was about to hit her many moons ago) ...

Lord Finesse - "Shorties Kaught In The System"

Love me some Lord Finesse.. This is a dope track off a compilation CD from the '90's.. While I didn't dislike Finesse during the later years, I was more a fan of his earlier work.. He was always more punchline than complex, but he used to tell some great tales and paint pictures (much like the above song, "S.K.I.T.S."). Hey, like the man says, if you ain't catch on by now, I ain't even trying to say no more.. DOWNLOAD IT!

J Live - "31st of February"

I always try to give you some background into me when I'm posting tracks. In the late 90's, J Live was IT to me. The future. The man could do no wrong. The beats were always crazy, the rewind button was always being pressed. I still remember like it was yesterday, going down from Binghamton my freshman year to SUNY Albany to see Krs 1, Redman, and the Lost Boys perform. We get there, and the opening act is a SUNY Albany student. He takes the stage, and it's J Live. You have to picture this. About 3,000 people sitting there watching an "opening act", and I'm "that guy" in the middle of the crowd singing along to every single word. SUNY Albany wasn't exactly packed with kids listening to 89tech9 back then. When I'm back on my home computer one day, I HAVE to post "Hush The Crowd." One of my favorite songs ever, in any genre. Most of you know the J Live story, but if you don't, his debut album got shelved (and later released). However, the original form of it made it's way online in I believe 1999. It's very rare that an album lives up to the hype (that people put on it, and more importantly, that I myself put on it). This is one of the RARE times where it delivered. Since that album, J's still been putting out dope music, but it hasn't quite grabbed me the way that debut (and everything prior to the debut) did. This track I posted (that he did with The Nextmen) is a few years old, but dope dope dope. DOWNLOAD IT!

Ill Al Skratch - "Chill With That" (Easy Moe Bee remix)

I had this song on cassette. It was the most annoying 4 minutes I've ever had on a Maxwell. Not the actual song. I loved the song. But the only time I dubbed it, the DJ f*cking cut up the entire thing. They must have said "Ring around the rosey" at least 12 times. I'm not anti-scratching. I just always wished I had a version without it. So I go to the store, cop the album, get home, only to find out the version I loved wasn't on it. Finally, many years later, I was able to track down the proper version, the Easy Moe Bee remix. And now you, and your family, can download and enjoy it in the comfort of your own homes.

That's it people.

Happy Father's Day to Poppa Diggedy!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

thanks, yo.

wex wednesday this, wex wednesday that. we've all heard about it by now. so wex, just shut up already! ok ok, i'll shut up... buuuuuuuut....

just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that came out last night. diggedy and i really appreciated ya'll showing up and showing us love.

in turn, ya'll must have done a pretty good job gettin drunk... cuz Angels and Kings have asked us to keep the party going, every Wednesday. and we said yes.

so that's right, every Wednesday is going to be Wex Wednesdays at Angels and Kings - featuring me and Diggs doing our best to spin songs that you like. it'll still be free - still cheap PBR - still hip hop like it used to be. still.

and they're almost done soundproofing the bar - so we'll be able to turn up the volume quite a bit from what we had last night. so that's good. i need my hip hop bumpin.

thanks again - really enjoyed getting to chat with a lot of you - which i never get to do at HHK. holler.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

first of all...

really looking forward to seeing some of you tonight at Angels & Kings for the first ever Wex Wednesdays hip hop extravaganza. we'll start at 9:30pm and keep the good hip hop flowin until everyone is tired...

with that said, and since tonight will be yet another night of me and diggedy being in the same room together while rap music dominates... i'm going to talk about just a few of the best shows that digs and i have gone to together. and hopefully, ya'll will chime in with your best concert experience...

1) Dave Chappelle's Block Party. the mother of all shows. hopefully you've seen the dvd. you can see me and digs on it. kanye, dead prez, the roots, mos, kweli, kane, kool g rap... THE FUGEES. bonkers. little known fact, newmie was actually at this show too... but disappeared about 10 minutes into it. go figure. here's a picture from that day, see if you can spot us... i look like an old lady, due to a poorly positioned rain poncho.
2) (the reunion of) Pete Rock & CL Smooth. i have a terrible memory. and i'm really really bad with remembering dates (shout out to remembering fathers day this year!). so i wont be able to tell you when this happened. but it was at SOB's, i know that. what i remember most about the moment was how dope the crowd was. it was such a good, fun, positive vibe in the room... and i think Pete & CL felt it... and really delivered a great show with smiles on their faces. that's right, smiling and hip hop.... together.
3) (the reunion of) EPMD. ok, so i'm a sucker for reunions. so what. this one happened just last year at BB Kings. man, diggedy will remember better than i, but EVERYONE was in the house that night. we got to see redman, das, lordz, etc. again, just a really good vibe in the room, and you could tell Erick and Parrish were just having fun kickin the classics.
4) Jay-Z's "Fade to Black" retirement show at the Garden. oh wait, diggedy wasn't there... and he still hates me because i went with a girl instead of him. i hear that. my bust.
4.5) Kanye West at the Paramount Theatre/Kanye West at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. two totally different Kayne show experiences. toad's place is a 750 person capacity dump. the paramount is a 5,000 person capacity beautiful theatre at madison square garden. i liked the toad's show cuz we can say we saw Kanye before he really hit big and also because we went really last minute style on the metro north and stayed in a shithole hotel. fun fun.
Ghostface at BB Kings in 2005. Ghost is pretty good live... but the real moment that made this show last was the performance of 4th Chamber by Ghost, GZA, & Killah Priest. the only member that didn't pop out the backstage was RZA... and as diggedy said, if that would have happened "people would be hangin from the rafters". truth.

*Honorable mention goes to seeing Chris Rock at the paramount theatre. the evening's highlight was seeing Chris diss Will Smith in a joke - only to have the man himself stand up in the crowd with his arms outstretched as to say "what the fuck chris?!". amazing.


dj wex.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

caption please.

not trying to distract from charlie's blog post below (read it!), but wanted to let you know that i'm working on getting the photos on the site from the June 1st HHK. there's a lot of them to go thru, resize, etc. *EDIT- THE JUNE 1st PHOTOS ARE NOW UP ON THE SITE.

but i came across this one that is begging for a caption. or at least little talk bubbles above our heads. click on it to make it bigger.

guest blogger #2

wut up karaoke peoples. i bet wex $100K that paris hilton wouldn't be sent back to jail and then couldn't deliver on my financial obligation so wex has promised to let me off with only 1 broken knee cap if i supply content for an hhk blog post, so here it goes.

one question i always love to ask people is - what was the first album you purchased with your own unrestricted cash - allowance, gift, pay, whatever. not so much b/c i'm eager to hear the answer but more for the story behind it. there usually is one, and it usually gives a nice lil' bit of insight into the question answerer's fomative years.

my answer is a daily double. see, i saved my $5 weekly allowance for a few rounds and then on one fateful saturday afternoon convinced my dad to accompany me to tower records and down those rubber stairs to the basement section where stood the most voluminous rap cassette selection i had ever seen in my then 10 years on this planet. i then, without even a milli-second's hesitation, reached out and plucked (1) 2 LIVE CREW - THE 2 LIVE CREW IS WAHT WE ARE and (2) BEASTIE BOYS - LICENSE TO ILL.

the story will focus ..on #1.

at my age of 7, and during the summer of 1984, dad moved the fam back to his homeland of Brooklyn, USA. up until this point in history i had spent my adolescent years on 5 acres of green in the Commonwealth of Virginia. there was no Luda in those days. closest to rap/hip hop/etc i got back in those days was a spattering of michael jackson at the roller rink on wednesday night Big Apple Day Care (coincidental name, i swear) field trips. my favorite songs in those days were I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT and ON THE ROAD AGAIN. so on one fateful day we traded a driveway for a stoop, and 5 acres for prospect park, and the rest is history.

starting with the summer of 1985 and over the next 4 years, my parents sent me off to summer camp in new hampshire. one of my 2 bunk counselors during my first year at camp was ray from the south bronx. ray liked rap. ray shared some schooly d with a then young moldable Suit. this schooly d put me onto the 2 live crew (note the similarities in content), and there i was in the tower records basement one year later spending my allowance.

life is a beautiful thing. ray - hit me up on myspace if you read this.

- do the teufel shuffle

Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 18

Consider Wex plug one, and me plug two.


Now how's that for an advertisement? Flyers? Where we're going, we don't need flyers.

On to the choice cuts for this Friday, June 8th which you will download and not comment on and make me feel like I'm just talking to myself. Thanks a**holes.

Masta Killa featuring U God, Rza, and Method Man - "Iron God Chamber"

The kids like the Wu, and so do I. This is another new track which doesn't suck. In fact, it's pretty f*cking fresh. Beat gets a little repetitive, but hey, doesn't life? I got no stories for you kids on this one. It's half the clan. The beat is dirty and stinkin. DOWNLOAD IT!

Heltah Skeltah - "Brothaz Keepa"

The sound quality on this kind of cocka, but it's a dope track. Not sure how old it is. You know I love me some Heltah Skeltah. Just love their contrasting flows. Was disappointed with Magnum Force, but all will be forgiven when they drop their reunion album and it's the banger I know it can be.

Main Source - "How My Man Went Down In The Game"


Happy birthday Ev Rock!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

shove this jay-oh-bee.

i'll be the first one to tell you - i'm one of the lucky ones. one of the people that actually likes getting up in the morning and going to my job. i know, puke in ya shoes.

but that doesn't mean that i haven't worked some stupid jobs in my time. we all have.

the things that people will put up with in order to have a little cash in their pocket is amazing.

and today, here at wex wednesdays, that's what we're going to discuss. the wackest things you've ever done for money. the worst jobs.

for me, it's:

1. Driving Range Golf Ball Collector. age 16. that's right. you know at the driving range - that dude who rolls around in the tractor scooping up the golf balls? that was me. crazy part was, my tractor had a plexiglass windshield that had a huge hole in it (probably from repeated high-speed golf ball bashings). see, as soon as i'd come out on the range, every person there would immediately make me their target. and once, a golf ball came right thru that hole in the windshield and missed my head by a few inches. i quit that day.
Late Night Shift Waiter at 24 Hour Diner. age 15. at first, i thought this one was going to be the shit. all cash, hardly any customers, had days free to do other shit, etc. wrong wrong wrong. you know who comes into the 24 hour diner in south florida at 4am? the drunken/high/fucked up unwashed, that's who. and the drunken/high/fucked up unwashed don't tip. believe that.
3. Amusement Park Bumper Boat Operator. age 15/16. it's a small pond. there's gas operated mini boats in it. kids everywhere. screaming. falling in the pool. asshole parents thinking all of it's my fault. i had to jump in that gas filled shithole several times. one of which claimed my beeper. remember beepers? mine was clear... WITH the beeper chain hangin. what what.

come to the wex wednesdays dj night at angels and kings. it's weds june 13 at 9:30pm. it's free. there's cheap drinks. there's me and diggedy spinnin dope hip hop records.

thank you, that is all.

deejay wex.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

nice work!

above is a behind the scenes look of what's really going on behind the turntables at HHK. ain't pretty.

but thank ya'll for another fun HHK... good times as usual.

if you haven't done so yet... make a note in your head (or calendar) to come say hi to me and Diggedy at the first ever WEX WEDNESDAYS dj night at Angels & Kings bar. that's June 13th. it's free & there's a (haha) pbr drink special.

and then there's the official afterparty for the BK Hip Hop Festival at Southpaw on June 23rd. there will be a couple hours of HHK plus music all night long by the legendary DJ SPINNA.

then the next regular HHK is on Saturday, July 14th at the Knitting Factory.


dj wex.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 17

Tonight is old school baby.

Just like the good ol' days at Rothko, we're rocking the first Friday of the month.

Memorieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees don't live like people do...

They always remember youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

Tonight will be nitro fresh. I can feel it.

So let's rock rock on with some choice cuts for this Friday, June 1st.

Jazzy Jeff featuring Big Daddy Kane - "The Garden"

Dear BDK,

Hi. It's me. Diggedy. Big fan. Since Veteran's Day, whether it be solo cuts ("The Man, The Icon"), or guest appearances ("Platinum Plus"), you have dropped an album's worth of hotness. Not just "yeah that's cool" hotness. I'm talking first 2 albums, fig newton (copyright Bobbito) treats for the whole family.

The reason for this letter is kind of selfish. I'm going to die one day. Before that happens, I would like one, just ONE more album from you. Not a sleepy go through the motions album. I'm talking a who's tapered fro rules in '08 shit. You still have an opus in you. I know it.

Thanks for your time.



PS - "The Garden" ? Song of the year. Period. I don't even need the next 6 months to find a competitor.

Raekwon feat Meth & Cappa - "Ice Cream 2003"

Thanks to Wu-Tang Corp. for all the Wu goodies they deliver to the kids. Ice cream man is still cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooming.....

Not as good as the classic, but still dope. Cappa still loves his dick size. FYI.

FYI, that's not my voice chiming in over the song.


OC - "Word Life" (remix)

Definitely cop OC's Hidden Gems. Nice collection of rare cuts, including this smooth "Word Life" remix. Thanks again to OC for blessing the HHK stage.

Alright people.

If you're in NYC, see you tonight.

If not, see you next week on WEEKEND AT DIGGEDY'S ............................