Monday, December 26, 2005

People Are Talkin' ...

... and it ain't about what santa brought them for christmas.

they're talking about our
New Years Eve pah-tay at Rothko.

flavorpill says:

"Boom-bap legend Pete Rock selects our asses into '06 proper, and the open bar's sure to provide the liquid courage to rock mics for the late-night hip-hop karaoke."

village voice:

"Legendary Marley Marl and CL Smooth collaborator Pete Rock takes the New Year old school with a two-hour DJ set. If you think there’s a more apt NYE song than “They Reminisce Over You,” you’re free to rap it yourself during the hip-hop karaoke portion of the evening."


"Producer/DJ Pete Rock anchors the party at Lower East Side haven Rothko with a two hour set of mad rhymes and ill beats. Think you can outdo him? Have a go at the late-night hip hop karaoke (be sure to juice up at the open bar first)."

New York Daily News:

"One of the Top 10 NYE Partys"
"Spit rhymes and see how you shine at Rothko. First, listen to Pete Rock to see how it's done during his two-hour performance, then take the stage yourself. A four-hour open bar helps the rap flow as Hip Hop Karaoke brings the beats, lyrics, mics, deejay and hypeman to your routine."

but... you know the deal, get your advance tickets now before it sells out, save $20 at the door, and be at the only hip hop flavored NYE party worth talking about. $65 in advance gets you a full open bar, pete rock on the 12's, and your own chance to rhyme with some late night HHK.

it's so easy it's stupid.

djwexington the third.

Monday, December 19, 2005

"That Isht is Universal"

W'sup peoples,

I am currently down in Ecuador scouting locations for our first Hip Hop Karaoke: South American Edition. OK, not really. BUT while on a bus from Quito, the capital, to the city of Banos about 3 1/2 hours south, we hit this village with one dusty road that couldn't have had more than 50 people total, all of them selling empanadas, corn, or beads. Lo and behold, what do i see out of the corner of my eye on a big, wooden board but a crudely-drawn Wu W with "Wu-Tang" written below it. Unless it's Cappadonna desperate to keep the name alive, it was a nice reminder of how universal hip-hop is. ¨Wu-Tang es por los niños!¨ Happy Holidays and get those Rothko tickets!

- J New

look at yourself.

the pictures from the december edition of HHK are now up on the site for your viewing pleasure. so check them out. as always, if you don't see yourself and you were up there performing, chances are our photographer, rick purcell -, does have a pic or two of you, so email him.

more later... yo.


Friday, December 16, 2005


hey peoples. it's been a minute since i've updated this here good ol' blog. so here i am to blabber.

soooo.... i've found myself listening to a lot of old Wu lately, and i've come to realize that their music was pretty much the central soundtrack to my adolescence. my pops had lynyrd skynyrd and the charlie daniels band... and i had liquid swords and cuban linx. and what's funny is... i could probably draw a lot of similarites between those. but seriously, i can literally remember sitting in the back of my algebra class in high school, pressing my headphones to my ears, trying to not to get caught getting my first listen of "ironman". clear as day. ahh, the good ol' days.

that's why music is so beautiful... it's one of the few mass mediums out there that really still makes me feel something... forms a lasting impression, causes conversation, etc. i think that's why people love HHK... it really brings you back to those moments in your childhood when you were first discovering your love of the beats. and everytime those classic loops drop at HHK, i see the reaction in peoples faces.

ok, this is turning into fucking sap ... shake it off wex, shake it off... ok...

speaking of the wu, here's a mp3 of Rae, GZA, Deck, and U-God backed by a live band performing some of their classics for XM Radio. It's pretty fucking dope. also, i recently purchased two new wu songs for HHK: "wu-tang clan ain't nuthin ta f' wit" & "can it be all so simple". two 36 chambers bangas. they'll be on the song list shortly.

also, i know you all are waiting on the last HHK's pictures. but trust me, they'll be up on the site shortly. they take a hot minute to process and life gets hectic.... but they're coming asap promise!

our New Year's Eve party has been getting some press love lately. It was mentioned on the front page of citysearch, is featured in the current double issue of timeout, etc. Tickets are selling well too... so if you're needing an affordable hip hop solution to your NYE plans... look no further than It's one of the best deals in the city, period.

thanks for listening. happy holiday shopping. yowza.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Prediction: Kanye will stomp feet & cry.

so the grammy nods were released this morning. look at that race for 'record of the year'! those are the powerhouse's of '05 for sure. well, except for the gorillaz / de la song. but shit, how fucking dope is it to see de la soul nominated for a grammy in 2005!?! it's hella dope (hello oakland).

ok, my prediction. green day will win everything. period. remember that year where lauryn hill had to bring a shopping cart to the stage to haul off her trophies? it will be like that. and kayne will be videotaped stomping his feet and crying. he may yell, he certainly will pout, and i predict some sort of "ban" on the grammys. don't believe me? well, he's already started talking. another interesting note from that article, mr. west claims to be $600k in the hole on "late registration". maybe if he stopped making 3 videos for each song, he'd be out of the red.

i feel like i'm coming off as a kanye-hater. that's not true. he's a genius. i just think he needs to do more of letting his work do the talking, and less of letting his mouth do the talking. say word.

a warning. i WILL be plugging Rothko's Hip Hop New Years Eve Party in every post. get used to it. we've already started selling some tickets, so i wouldnt suggest waiting 'till the last minute on this one.

mad amounts of love.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thank you!!!

Wow. Another fantastic night of Hip Hop Karaoke at Rothko! We had a full house and plenty of dope mic rockers. Excellent performances all around. Diggedy will be on here in the next couple of days to recap the specifics. Also, be sure to check back soon for the pictures of the nights festivities. A big thank you to Rick Purcell, our photographer, who always comes through ready to do great work.

I know it's still early... but hey, did I mention our NYE party? Well, here's the pitch:

Details... $65 in advance.


that's right kids... instead of shelling out a big cover charge and then paying $15 for a beer... you can drink your face off for 4 hours and not worry about a thing.

oh, did i mention the little DJ I hired? the legendary PETE ROCK himself is on the wheels for a special 2 hour set. wonder what midnight song he'll drop?

and last, but not least, the late night entertainment is provided by Hip Hop Karaoke - Your Chance to Rhyme.

so after you're tummy is all warmed up on tequila... you'll have the opportunity to make a complete fool of yourself doing "brooklyn zoo".

Rothko 116 Suffolk St Lower East Side, NYC

Advance tickets can be bought on

if you know anything about New Years in NYC, this is a fucking steal of a bargain... and really the only place for hiphoppers on NYE. you're welcome.

thanks again.